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I wont get into my past health issues and WSIB problems because I don’t really think it is relevant to this, but you can search the blog for more stories. I recently (8 weeks ago) developed what I thought was a knot in my right shoulder. After vigorous shoulder rolls, exercise and massage did nothing to help and the pain kept getting worse I made an appointment to see my doctor. In the week it took before I could get into to see her the pain moved from my shoulder to my arm, elbow, wrist, and fingers. So it was apparent this was not just a simple knot. A CT scan was recommended and I got a call a few days later for a spot the following week. SO now with increasing discomfort and pain the waiting begins. During the scan I was barely able to lay flat on my back and moaned during the entire thing prompting the poor girl to ask what I did and if I was okay. I responded I had no idea what I did and most certainly I had felt better.

Two weeks later I get a call from the Doctors office and told it is some type of “bone spurs” in my neck C4, C5, C6, C7 pinching a nerve in my neck and surgery will be needed. Before that can happen an MRI is needed and now have learned that wont happen till May 15th. Who knows after that how long till the actual surgery. Is almost 3 months acceptable to get treatment for this? This is not an “elective” procedure, I”m talking about non stop pain 24/7. The kind of pain that makes you cry and rock back and forth occasionally. Not fun. And I dont think this is right.


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