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“Anglophone” bride killed in Quebec

August 24th 2012 was supposed to be a happy time for the bride-to-be, accompanied by family and friends doing a photo shoot just days before her wedding at the Dorwin falls just north of Montreal. Apparently she lost her footing standing on some rocks and was swept away by the current.

“She was Anglophone, and she started screaming, ‘Help!'” the witness said.

Excuse me? While it appears the photographer tried to pull her from the water, were the others gathered there just standing around in confusion not knowing what the Anglophone word “help” meant? Was this a family member? Surely then they knew the meaning of it one would think anyways? Only one person there came to her aid, and none of them jumped in after her? They just stood there watching as she was carried away screaming this foreign word? I find it extremely bizarre and more than a little disturbing that this “witness” felt compelled to describe this person as an anglophone and not just “a woman”, Or perhaps even her friend, the bride, that poor woman, anything other than identifying her by what language she was pleading for help in.

I wonder, if she was a francophone yelling for help in the water would someone actually have jumped in and tried to save her?

What the hell is going on.


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The Quebec Identity Act

Get a load of this.

Newly arrived immigrants will be required to have an “appropriate” working knowledge of French to be sworn in as Quebec citizens – even if the province is still part of Canada – if legislation proposed by the Parti Québécois is adopted.

Failing to learn French would bar an immigrant from holding public office at any level, raising funds for political parties, or petitioning the National Assembly for redress of a grievance.

This is happening today, in 2012. Here’s a little something from the past.

Nazi leaders began to carry out their pledge to persecute German Jews soon after their assumption of power. The first major law to curtail the rights of Jewish German citizens was the “Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service” of April 7, 1933, according to which Jewish and “politically unreliable” civil servants and employees were to be excluded from state service.

PQ leader Pauline Marois is no Canadian, or in my own opinion not even a decent human being. On October 18, 2007, Marois proposed Bill 195, the Quebec Identity Act, which included a requirement that immigrants must learn French in order to obtain rights, including a putative Quebec citizenship and the right to run in elections at all levels. The bill also proposed the fundamental values of Quebec should be taken into account in a future constitution, including equality between sexes and the predominance of French. Since it was defeated then she thinks now is a good time to try again. I suppose the transfer payments and million dollar handouts are not good enough. I suppose the corruption in Quebec needs something to distract the rest of the Countries attention.

Apparently something like 30-40% of francophone people living in Quebec support this, but I don’t know how accurate that is I heard it on CFRA. If this is true then it appears nearly half of the province is blatantly racist and bigoted towards any language other than French. Is this the Canada we want to live in? Is this even legal? Should the Federal Government step in? Can they? These are just some of the questions I have, but the most important one is what is the rest of Canada going to do about this.

English Canada has been dealing with the double standards and unfairness from Quebec for some time now (think bill 101) but I think now they are going to far. Is it also time that the Bloc be removed from OUR parliament since their own admitted mandate is to break up the Country. Some would say that is treason. Yet as Canadian taxpayers we are paying their salary’s and pensions. Swallow that and try not to choke.

I for one say it is time CANADA took a stand and said enough is enough. NO more transfer payments. No more money. If you live in Quebec no more federal employment with the Government of Canada. No more Ontario health care for those in Quebec unless you pay for it.

Thats a start.

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Victoria Stafford-Gone but not Forgotten

The horror of what happened to this little girl still haunts me to this day, and as a father of two little girls close to the same age it has caused me to limit the freedoms of my children in an attempt to better protect them. Tori’s parents didn’t have a chance against the evil that was lurking in Woodstock that day. How could they know that allowing her to walk home from school alone was the last thing she would ever do.

It didnt help that Victoria’s mother was high on Oxycontin at the time, and even though Tori was 2 hours late did not call the police because she did not want to alarm anyone, more likely she was more concerned about her own condition. Tori only lived a few blocks from the school and instead of being outside waiting for her to arrive on this important day she was “partying”. Victoria had already been kidnapped, miles away in a car before her mother even started looking for her.

I’m not trying to say there is anything she could have done to prevent this but it sure didn’t help the situation being high and not as alert as she should have been. I know if it was me waiting for my daughter the first time she walked home I would have been standing outside looking up the street waiting for her, and if she was just 5 minutes late would be already on my way to see what was happening. Not just getting concerned 2 hours later and still not calling the police because she was too high and didnt want to get into trouble herself.

I have talked about GPS for children before and some people have expressed concern about loss of privacy and “big brother” issues. There is no doubt that this sort of thing could have saved Tori’s life that day.

In may of 2009 the killers were charged with her rape and murder, and while one of them confessed to the horrendous deed the other plead not guilty and went to trial. Thankfully he was found guilty and they are both now spending life behind bars. No I will not use their names ever again, they don’t deserve to be remembered. The male convicted in this case has now appealed his conviction citing errors by the judge and requesting a new trial even though the appeal was filed late. Such is our justice system he will be allowed to appeal and cost the taxpayers more money in a feeble attempt to escape what is rightfully coming to him.

This case has caused a resurgence in the discussion about capital punishment. Many people believe that for the rape and murder of a child it should be an automatic punishment, with no chance for appeals or leniency. Some people believe that is not civilized and lowers Society to the same level as the killers. What do you think?
The male convicted of Tori’s murder was searching for child porn and “underage rape” on the internet the day before Tori was abducted. That information was withheld from the jury because the police didn’t have a proper warrant for searching his laptop. It is a good thing the case didn’t depend on that evidence for a conviction. More twisted evidence was kept from the jury during trial, like the fact he downloaded the movie about Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. That was done 2 weeks after Tori disappeared. Maybe he was looking for ideas to hide what he had done, seeing as Karla is now free and living her life as a free sicko at large.
It is also disturbing that Victoria’s mother had actually met her daughters killer before all of this happened. She had been to her house on more than one occasion. Once to buy drugs and another time to discuss breeding their dogs, and although it has been denied this had anything to do with their choice of which child to take one cannot escape the cold irony of these facts.
Police have said recently that cases involving child porn and sexual assault are on the rise. They are seeing more and more of these types of crimes and it is happening all over the world. What the hell? What could motivate someone to commit an act such as this? What can we do to stop this, and prevent these things from ever happening at all? I don’t know if we can, but we can make sure that the people involved and committing these crimes never get the opportunity to do it again.
Victoria Stafford is gone forever, but the people responsible for this will be free to live their lives at some point. There will come a time when they will be free, and that is wrong. Why should those that steal the lives of others be allowed to have their own? Would others capable of doing such a thing be swayed if their own death was the punishment? Is Capital Punishment a deterrent? It is a daily occurrence on the news now that another child is missing, or that one has been found murdered. It happens far more in the United States than in Canada, but as this case has proven we are not immune to these horrors. In the days ahead the convicted killers appeal will be before the courts, and I hope what he did and the life he took is more important than any legal technicality or clerical mistake.

We cannot bring Victoria back, but we can ensure those responsible are punished, and that she is never forgotten.

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Victoria Stafford 2000-2009

Tori did not deserve to die, and those responsible are still among us. I will be publishing something more detailed soon but in the mean time I am curious about something.

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Bluesfest Ottawa stage collapses

Reports of multiple injury’s have been reported but no more news at this time. Will update when available. Cheap Trick was on stage at the time.

From the Ottawa Citizen…….

The Sunday evening programming at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest was cancelled after a violent storm caused the main stage to collapse and forced thousands to seek shelter in the Canadian War Museum.

Bluesfest videographer Alex Gebethner, 24, was atop the tower in front of the main stage with a group of people, including Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, when the tornado-force winds hit around 7:20 p.m. Cheap Trick was about 20 minutes into their performance, but was able to get off the stage safely.

Another videographer was about to descend the steep stairs when a gust of wind nearly swept him off the 50-foot tower. Gebethner said someone, likely a mayor’s aide, grabbed him, and probably saved his life. “I haven’t been this close to death in a while,” said an obviously rattled Gebethner. Bluesfest official Joe Reilly said one person suffered a broken leg. He said there were no serious injuries.

From the Ottawa Sun…

Bluesfest has come to an early end.

All shows have been cancelled after a violent storm blew down the MBNA Stage, sending emergency crews scrambling to the site. No word of injuries yet, but emergency crews are fanning out across the region.

Ottawa fire reporting two water rescues at Dows Lake and the Armitage area.

Environment Canada is warning of winds as strong as 140 km/h.

It’s been reported that a tree — or at least part of one — has fallen on a car on Queen Elizabeth Dr.

A tree is also down on Dunrobbin Rd. in the city’s west end.

It appears to be heading SE so we might get some of this in Cornwall.

Monday update

Just a few flashes of lightning down here but apparently some injury’s at Bluesfest.

More pictures.

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Casey Anthony found Not Guilty

Casey Anthony has been found not guilty for all crimes except those of lying to police officers. I am not ashamed to say I am in shock over this. What is wrong with the Justice system? Obviously we have the same problem in Canada that the United States has. Criminals have more rights than the victims. For those of you that have not followed this case do a search for her name and do some reading. Check out you tube “the death of caylee anthony”. Then judge yourself. The only thing she was convicted of was lying to police officers. She was lying to them while they were searching for her missing daughter. She was lying to them. She was guilty! I suppose the fact that many people in the States are armed is a good thing. Justice was not served today. I look forward to the day that it is.


Is this a mother grieving for the loss of her child? This picture was taken in court when she was charged with Caylee’s murder

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Consumer ripoff Alert

Everybody loves a nice rack of ribs on the BBQ once in a while unless of course you’re a vegan, and in that case there is nothing I can do for you. So I noticed this tempting looking package of ribs at Giant Tiger today whilst I was perusing the frozen food isle, and I thought like everyone else likely would,  yummy! However after getting home and heating things up to get cooking, two tiny little pieces came out of this enormous box, and we were shocked.

This cost $10.00, at Giant Tiger.

Now either one or two pieces are missing from the package, or the price is too high, and the packaging is outrageously misleading and environmentally insulting.

COBBLESTONE FARMS, you should be ashamed. For the same price at a grocery store I could have purchased twice as much and be able to see it first. I guess consider it a lesson. Must be a Liberal owned company.

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31 Days

We are now a month away from what promises to be a very complicated, confusing, and frustrating trial. The first degree murder trial of Casey Anthony, who is charged with killing her 2 year old daughter, Caylee. For those of you that have been following this case it can’t come soon enough, and likely you’ve already made up your mind as to her innocence or guilt. Right or wrong. It is true that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and this is as it should be. Although the law can be flawed in it’s application at times and even it’s interpretation by judges can be incredulous it is the standard by which we live our lives. Don’t steal, don’t drive drunk, don’t do drugs, and wear your seat belt. There are varying degrees of severity and punishment, and while say stealing a candy bar is different from driving intoxicated they are both illegal, wrong, and require some type of punishment. Obviously the punishment doled out for the former will not be as severe as the latter and this is where we get into the different aspects of criminal law. There cannot be a “one punishment for all”. Or can there.

Murder. Some would express the opinion that this is the worst crime that can be committed by another human being.  It is surprising to me that there is not a “one punishment for all” type of sentence when dealing with these types of crimes. Plea deals, good behaviour, overcrowding, costs, lawyers ability and judicial opinion should have no bearing on what the accused would be facing after committing one of these crimes. Do the crime do the time, that sort of thing. And it should be consistent and severe, but it is not. We have seen some very strange things happen in court rooms over the years, and there are times when I wonder if the judge has seen all the evidence that the rest of us have seen. I will provide some links at the end that I’m sure will shock you.

Now before get back to the 31 days and it’s meaning, what about when it is one of the parents responsible? I submit that any crime against a child is worse, more unimaginable, and horrific, And the punishment in such cases should reflect that. But again, they don’t. Is it our legal system, or the judges that make the final decision? Whatever it is there needs to be a review and public discussion on how things need to be changed.

Parents out there will tell you that they watch their children when they are outside, and seldom if ever are they not under some sort of supervision. It is not the same as it was 30 years ago, when we went out to play as kids and didnt come back till dark. I can remember as a young boy riding my bike around Toronto and my parents had no clue where I was, or how far I was from home. Today, the reins are kept tighter and kids are not allowed to take off for the afternoon. It just is not as safe anymore. Is that it, or are we hearing more about the bad things happening to children around the world? Has it always been this way but just now we are more aware because of network TV, the internet, and global communication? That perhaps is another discussion for another day, but we do not let our girls outside alone to play without knowing where they are, ever.

Casey Anthony did not report her daughter missing after 31 days not knowing where she was

If your child was at a babysitters house and you could not reach her the next day what would you do? If this continued for a week, what then? What about not seeingWhile her daughter is missing or speaking to your child for a month? Not knowing where they are, if they are okay, what happened to them. Would you not be totally losing your mind freaking out? Speaking for myself I would be freaking out after the first 30 minutes. So it is very difficult for me to believe the story that Casey Anthony is telling us. One of the problems is that her story keeps changing, some so bizarre it is almost comical save for the fact that a little girl is dead. There is nothing funny about that. While her daughter was missing and she had no idea where she was Casey was seen at night clubs, renting movies with her boyfriend, and cashing cheques to buy clothes with money she stole from a friend. No where is Caylee, and nobody asked where she was? Her grand parents have never met the babysitter, never spoken to her, never been to her home, and in fact never even seen a picture of her. Yet supposedly this person had been watching their grand daughter for over a year.

They find their daughters car at a tow yard, and so they go there to bring it home. According to George (grandfather) the smell was so bad as he approached the car it almost made him gag, and he had to drive home with all the windows open and his head practically out of the window, so he could breathe. When Cindy (grandmother) smells the car she sprays an entire bottle of febreeze in to it, puts dryer sheets in it to try and cover up the smell. She even takes clothing out of it and washes it. Does that seem strange to you. Cindy is a registered nurse, and George used to be a cop. They bring their daughters car home that smells like that and this is what they did. George and Cindy went to work, and while Cindy was at work told a co-worker that the car smelled like a dead body. All the while little Caylee was no where to be found, and Casey was giving them the run around. Later that evening after pressuring Casey to tell her where Caylee is and getting nowhere, she calls the police. This is now 31 days since anyone has seen Caylee, the car smells like a dead body, and Casey tells a police officer it is just her mother causing problems. Casey then leads the police on numerous wild goose chases, and lying to them. The police are trying to find her daughter and she is lying to them. She lied about her job she didn’t have one, and that means for the past year she has been lying to everyone. The story about the nanny is also a lie, which means that what she has been telling everyone happened to her daughter is also a lie. It does not take a genius to realize that.

Now we are listening to her attorneys in court trying to suppress evidence, they’ve implicated innocent people, Casey is laughing in the court room. Caylee deserves Justice.

Convicted sex offender facing 21 more charges released because of “legal loophole”

WESH 2 coverage

WFTV coverage


The Hinky Meter

Jaycee Dugard

Victoria Stafford

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For Better, or Worse.

Words we married folk know well. The moment when everything changes, and from that point forward nothing will be the same. We don’t always (if ever) think too deeply about it or what it could mean. Till it happens. Before I met my wife I was a loner, a drifter, having spent most of my life searching for something but not knowing what. As a DJ for almost 20 years I did a lot of travelling, did a lot of partying, met a lot of women, and did a lot of  “questionable” things. But I was never satisfied and so I kept looking, moving, searching for something different. I can’t tell you how many times I have moved, and it would take too much energy to try to figure out how many places I have lived. But still I was never home, never felt like this or there was where I belonged.

There are days when I feel like I’m on top of the world, like there is nothing that could happen to make anything any better. Then there are days I think things I never thought I would. There are times when I couldn’t imagine being any happier, like while holding one of my incredible daughters, or snuggling with my wife watching a movie listening to the rain on the roof. And there are times I regret waking up in the morning. Is that life? Is that what we are doing, just coping with the bad in hopes that some good comes along to make it worthwhile. The news is incredibly distressing, you can’t turn on the TV without hearing about another child missing, or one has been found murdered. Some Country is fighting with another and that has happened my entire life, no change there. So what is it. What drives us, what is the point.

Tell someone 30 years ago that we’ll be flying back and forth to a space station, cooking frozen dinners in 5 minutes AND without a stove, or that you have a phone smaller than a  cigarette case that you can walk down the street while talking even, and they will think you are crazy. Try and explain the Internet or Xbox 360 to them, and you get the picture. But one thing, I believe, has stayed the same. The world has changed a great deal since then, things are done very differently. Cars, construction, travel, communication, even music, has changed so much that it hardly resembles the past in many ways. Is that what someone meant that change, is inevitable. But is it better. Are we evolving, or just getting older.

We have managed to create and develop new, efficient, and disturbing ways of killing each other. Smart bombs, cruise missiles, nuclear submarines, and remote control. Wiping out an entire city with the push of a button from half a world a way, in the blink of an eye. I read about a man who got 10 years for selling pot to someone, then later that night on the news heard the reporter say a child rapist had received a 4 yr sentence in prison. I’ve watched a mother lie about her child being missing, leading others on a wild goose chase, knowing full well what had happened, that she was no longer alive. Now trying to “get off” on a technicality. Makes me want to vomit.

I used to be a romantic guy, flowers, dancing, dinner. Now I just can’t wait to get my heating pad. I used to toss a football around, play street hockey with my boys, yet I’ve never given my baby girls a horsey ride. Once upon a time ice skating was fun, as was hockey, baseball, or hell even Frisbee. All a thing of the past for me.

But I digress, after my stint as a DJ that consumed most of my younger years was over….Wait..The reason it was over is because it was not working. Remember the saying “looking for love in all the wrong places”? Well it’s true. And trust me, I looked in ALL the wrong places. One morning, and I don’t know why, I just decided to quit. And I moved again, back to Ottawa. I guess I picked Ottawa because I had lived here before, and liked the city. Despite the trouble across the river. So here I was, back in town with no job, no place, and no idea what I was going to do. And wondering why the hell I did what I just did. It wasn’t going to be clear to me for a while, but I discovered the reason. In my quest to radically change the direction of my life I was attending college to learn about computers, And occasionally stopping by at the local bar for a beer. This is where I met my wife.

It could drive a person crazy trying to figure out all the ifs and maybes and different things that could have happened, that would have created a different future for me. I f I had stayed a DJ in all likely hood I would never have injured my back, probably met some girl somewhere and maybe would have been okay. If. Maybe. Perhaps. But it would not have been my wife. You cannot take the good without expecting a price for it. Everything has a price. It is not always money, or even something tangible, but it’s always something. SO I’ve tried to figure out why I am suffering. Why am I in such pain, it cannot be the price of happiness because there are times when…well…lets just say I’d get my ass kicked for thinking it. And you can’t be happy if you’re dead right? So why then, why do I wake every morning in pain. Why do I go to sleep every night in pain. Why do I try to live my life in the periods between agony, and pain?

I’ll tell you why, I figured it out. It’s because there must be something more. There must be something more in store for me. Now I don’t know if you believe in fate or not, but well I have started leaning in that direction. There has to be a reason, because if there isn’t then there’s not much point in continuing. Did my injury prevent me from doing something that would have caused something worse? Did it stop me from going in a direction that I would regret later? I guess I will never know what “might” have happened if things had happened differently. That is the mystery of life I suppose.

Can you imagine raising 3 teenagers, one of them disabled, and a newborn, while your spouse is unable to help in basically any way? In fact having to take care of your spouse on TOP of the children, and trying to work as well so everyone can eat, have a place to live, and have clothes on their back. Doing all of that because some company manager decided it was cheaper not to give proper protection for its workers. The effect of that decision has lasted over 6 years now, and so has the strain on everyone involved. It has not only affected my life, but the life of my wife, and that of our children. It has been very tough, and everyday, every single day, is like the last. With no relief in sight. I have learned a lot about my self, my wife, our marriage, and our family in the past 6 years. We are very strong, very committed, and fed up.

At this point I have no idea what is going to happen next, as everything that is tried to control or diminish the pain is not working, at least not completely, it cannot go on this way indefinitely so something is going to have to change. What change that is going to be remains a mystery for now but I’m sure will be known soon. One thing is certain. My love for my wife and my children is as strong as ever, and confidence in our ability to handle what life throws at us strong. Without my wife I could not have made it this far and loathe the idea of ever finding out what that might be like. I know in my heart that I don’t have to worry about that. And that in itself is a blessing, there is something to be thankful for, though I’m quite certain when she said “for better or worse” this is not what she had in mind.

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Libyan Pilots defect after ordered to bomb own people



What is Canada doing about this? I don’t usually post such a short article but wanted to get this out quickly. This cannot be allowed to continue.

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