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Diffuse Axonal Injury

Opportunities like this do not happen very often and when they do everything should be done to capitalize on whatever knowledge can be gained. The timeline of events in this case has been lost forever and I think it is imperative that a detailed examination and scan be performed at a regularly determined time frame to gleam as much information as possible into the process taking place. What is the body doing to achieve this? What has changed, what is different?

The fact that the medical staff has done nothing to track this patients recovery is beyond my understanding. The missed opportunity to learn will never be regained.

They wanted to pull the plug! They said he was clinically brain dead and if he did regain consciousness he would be a vegetable, or infantile. About 90% of survivors with severe diffuse axonal injury remain unconscious. The 10% that regain consciousness are often severely impaired. Yet this patient is recovering and they are doing nothing to find out why, or how.

Well, he is now awake, talking, recognizes people, and he asked if he could have McDonalds. Since he has started recovering no scans have been done on his brain to see what has happened. Why it is happening. And what caused it to happen in the first place.

I have much more info on this and need to contact some medical professionals about this. Special research, anything?

What Ya’ll think?


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