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Cornwall. What is under the ground?

While attending the liftoff 2013 at Lamoureux Park this year a very strange thing was experienced. The ground felt like a sponge. I know it has rained a lot as of late but no way could account for that feeling. Imagine walking on a sponge that is what it felt like walking through the fair grounds. After speaking to one of the guys working a game booth he said for the past 2 days he has smelled oil. And when he rubbed his boot over the grass it turned black. I saw it. What is under the ground there and why are people trying to cover it up? I spoke online to a reporter from the Cornwall Free News and before he deleted me I was told to look into it myself. This was after he said the ground had not had a chance to soak up all the water. Joke. Obviously something is going on here and being hidden from the public. What is going on?

The reporter who runs the Cornwall Free News Facebook page said. QUOTE, “some things are better left unsaid”. Unquote


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