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Time for a longer school year?

Are we falling behind other countries? Would our children benefit from more time in the classroom? I think the answer to these questions is a resounding yes. Countries like India and China are already providing additional classroom times, with some even considering school all year round. This of course, would cause a lot of problems for many people and costs would go up. But there are many benefits as well, and for some the cost of daycare over the summer is a serious burden. After all, not everyone has the luxury of the entire summer off.

Our Society has been geared this way for a very long time and change would not come easy, but is that a good enough reason to not attempt it? At least experiment a little with the idea? I think a couple of weeks off around Christmas and then another two off during the summer is plenty. And this would give our kids more time for learning, and give the parents a break as well from the stress of filling their summer days, and daycare costs for those that have to work.

Instead of offering full time daycare in the schools this might be money better well spent. It would be hard to argue the benefits of more education, and the extra cost in maintenance and salaries would be minimal. The schools have to be maintained over the summer anyways, and we’re only talking a couple dozen more days of work for the staff. It’s a thought and I’d like to hear your ideas on the subject.


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