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Bluesfest Ottawa stage collapses

Reports of multiple injury’s have been reported but no more news at this time. Will update when available. Cheap Trick was on stage at the time.

From the Ottawa Citizen…….

The Sunday evening programming at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest was cancelled after a violent storm caused the main stage to collapse and forced thousands to seek shelter in the Canadian War Museum.

Bluesfest videographer Alex Gebethner, 24, was atop the tower in front of the main stage with a group of people, including Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, when the tornado-force winds hit around 7:20 p.m. Cheap Trick was about 20 minutes into their performance, but was able to get off the stage safely.

Another videographer was about to descend the steep stairs when a gust of wind nearly swept him off the 50-foot tower. Gebethner said someone, likely a mayor’s aide, grabbed him, and probably saved his life. “I haven’t been this close to death in a while,” said an obviously rattled Gebethner. Bluesfest official Joe Reilly said one person suffered a broken leg. He said there were no serious injuries.

From the Ottawa Sun…

Bluesfest has come to an early end.

All shows have been cancelled after a violent storm blew down the MBNA Stage, sending emergency crews scrambling to the site. No word of injuries yet, but emergency crews are fanning out across the region.

Ottawa fire reporting two water rescues at Dows Lake and the Armitage area.

Environment Canada is warning of winds as strong as 140 km/h.

It’s been reported that a tree — or at least part of one — has fallen on a car on Queen Elizabeth Dr.

A tree is also down on Dunrobbin Rd. in the city’s west end.

It appears to be heading SE so we might get some of this in Cornwall.

Monday update

Just a few flashes of lightning down here but apparently some injury’s at Bluesfest.

More pictures.


July 17, 2011, 8:05 PM - Posted by | All News

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  1. OMG! I didn’t hear about this. Then again, there’s no Canadian news given here unless CNN has a boring day. Keep us posted Sean. This weather system sounds as bad / similar as the Big Valley Jamboree Country music collapse in Alberta a year or 2 ago. Prayers to all, I hope no one has died, hope you’re all okay. Stay safe or find a safe place. ❤



    Comment by Patty Pattycake | July 17, 2011, 10:05 PM | Reply

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