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Probation/Parole for Sex Offenders-This has to Stop

James Ross Armour from Edmonton, was out on probation. The crime he committed (4 counts) was attempting to lure young girls to his car. Abduction, kidnapping, rape, murder. Who knows what might have happened if he had succeeded. This guy is out on probation for trying to lure young girls to his car. 4 convictions. While he is out on probation he tries to do it again, and it is one of the young girls he was convicted of attempting to do this to before! Obviously he is obsessed with this girl and can not control himself. When is the Justice system going to put innocent people’s rights ahead of the criminals? How many people were murdered, raped, and/or abducted, by people convicted of earlier crimes? The answer is, too many.

A simple Internet search will show many cases of these types of crimes and it has to stop. A “ONE STRIKE YOU’RE OUT” law needs to be adopted for sex offences. Period. That’s it. If you rape someone. Life in prison. Murder. Life in prison. Abduct a child. Life in prison. Murder a child. The death penalty. When we start getting tough with the laws then people will respect them. And then maybe, just maybe, we will have a safer Society and we won’t have to live in daily fear for our children’s safety.

James Ross Armour is back behind bars where he belongs. He did not succeed again, this time. Should we give him another chance?

We all have to do whatever we can to change the way things are.


Please sign that petition and do what ever you can to help change the laws. Our children need us to protect them. Imagine if it was YOUR child.


August 28, 2010, 12:53 PM - Posted by | All News


  1. When it comes to these animals that kidnap, torture, and rape small children I am always in a quandary about how to treat them…hang ’em or burn them at the stake. Decisions, decisions.


    Comment by Powell Lucas | August 28, 2010, 1:39 PM | Reply

  2. This is where the Conservative communication strategy fails. Throw the gun registry argument back at the opposition citing cases like this. If the gun registry saves one life it’s worth it we are told. So why complain about building more prisons and locking away convicted felons longer. The rate of people released on bail or parole wh re-offend should easily warrant the argument.


    Comment by paulsstuff | August 28, 2010, 2:42 PM | Reply

  3. This may not makes sense but it is a response to another post by me when a pro- child-abuse moron mocked the victims of pedophiles. Barabar Hall has no idea of Human Rights, and if you check the Board members it is stacked with anti-White/male-bashing/anti-christian/anti-WestIsrael bigots that were a loser in their homeland and heard that it takes 3-years to get Citizenship in canada and then they can feed at the Public trough exercising their Mock-Moral outrage when a Immigrant on Welfare is called a Gypsy and get $15’000.00 for hurt feelings.
    I hope Hall uses Sec.13 to Sue me or charge with a a Hate-crime,because this scam must be exposed and people need to see that Ms.Hall would have defended Slavery as Legal and a Human Right for Slave owners.

    * The person called me liar, so I posted the proof below, by all means call the lawyers to express as sadness that canada actaully allows Pro-Pedophile Law Firms or the Feminazis men-hating lawyers will endorse child-abuse if the abuser is gay.


    Here’s the file # and why not phone the law firm yourself,I chose mediation but it became a smear campaign. Most people in Toronto now have a special sympathy for pedophiles when they attack the same gender child.But even the Judges and lawyers hate Str8 child-absuers while failing to get tough on same-gender pervs. Look at how the Church was bashed over the 90+ sexual assaults to boys or teen males,the Media didn’t have the guts or brains to ask why there were no mentions of unwed moms or babies from the rapes.
    That’s because the victim of the homosexual-pedophiles lusted for same gender kids and teens.
    I actually predicted this farce to the OHRT that Ms.Hall would not take on my cause for the Social benefit because see was once the mayor that allowed the Pride nudity in front of kids.

    The Police have the report and the Courts are looking on how to proceed since the Pedophile has been jailed since 1996. 23 victims fought for many years because the lawyer defending the pedophile smeared the victims as liars and acted just as you did.
    I recently got a response from the Justice Minister over this iisue and I was assure that the new “Child-exploitation” laws will criminalize those naked males in front of little boys.
    Pride had the chance to listen to me 4 years ago, but a pro-Child abuse Judge ruled in favour of the nudity because the pride males had shoes on and Legally were not “naked”.
    Lawyer and Judges defended Slavery, so don’t tell me that Ms.Hall or Miller give a damn about what’s a Moral issue when the current mood is to hide behind the Laws that Child-abuse is legal during pride.
    i can post the email from the Justice Minister, plus the Doctor/pedophile is still in the Star news archives for evidence.
    The OHRC file is No.2010-05273-I and is now evidence that Hall and Toronto is officially a pro Child-abuse city and use the OHRC to defraud tax payers of
    their money for a Charade to protect Human Rights.
    ‘GB Law and Canadian Litigation’ for Manulife and the *Heather Wood London lawyer for *
    Barristers & Solicitors
    65 Queen Street West • Suite 1800
    Toronto, Ontario • M5H 2M5
    (416) 304-6400 • Fax: (416) 304-6406


    I will never be Pro Child-abuse, and Barbara Hall missed her chance to go down in history as crusading for Children’s Rights.
    instead, the OHRC now endorses Shariah Law by-proxy and if Rosa parks was alive and a Muslim she would have to sit at the back of the Mosque.


    Comment by Gary Wood | August 28, 2010, 3:03 PM | Reply

  4. There is a way to stop this though and it is called legal liability. Yes, an inmate can lie, yes anything can change after being released but the system has at its disposal all resources to properly appraise this individual and assess their odds of reoffending again. When they screw up big time, then a lawsuit is warranted for damages. One good case that wins can and will change the system going forward.


    Comment by real conservative | August 30, 2010, 11:39 PM | Reply

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