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My Child is Missing

It has taken me a couple of days to get myself together and wrap my brain around what happened. And what I was going to say about it. It is one thing to talk about it, or imagine what it might be like. But until it happens to you, you don’t really know what it feels like to have a missing child. Now I do, or I did, for about 20 minutes. Found in the master bedroom sleeping under the covers. It was not until the police officer and I were doing the room to room search that we discovered her. I could not even see her as we entered, not until I pulled back the covers. This is the happy ending.

Twenty minutes ago my wife was arriving home from a trip, and I was home with our 2(6-5) girls. Our youngest wanted to go next door and invite her friends over, and I said sure, because it was a rainy day and there was not much to do. That was the last time I saw her. Then we could not find her, just like that. Not outside, not at her friends house(they were not even home) and she was not outside at any of her usual areas. None of them very far from the house. At this point we are panicking and called the police. The response was swift and very impressive. Seven police cars descended on our little corner of the city and we gave them a picture, description, and by now it is 15 minutes or so since we began looking for her.

The fear and gut wrenching horror I was feeling was something I never want to feel again, and something that can never be forgotten. I used to think that I was careful, but obviously it is all too easy to get complacent, and while once we would not even let them step foot outside alone now we are letting them go next door without being watched. Needless to say that won’t be happening again.

I cannot describe what came over me after pulling back the covers and finding my missing little angel, only that I was overcome with emotion and tears. I cannot fathom what the parents of children still missing are going through. But now I may have a clue. It must be a living hell. I have nothing but praise and heartfelt appreciation for the Cornwall Police Department and the swift professional action that was displayed during this mini emergency, and though at times I have been critical of the authorities where some of these types of cases are concerned, I can find no fault in my local police force. And that makes me feel better. A little.


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  1. I remember once when my son was into hide and seek (not that I encouraged it). I couldn’t find him in the house and I thought he had slipped outside. I couldn’t find him in our large lot with hedges. Then I thought of a neighbour’s house not that far away that had a pool. It was full of leaves and murky and I can’t tell you how dreadful I felt until I realized he wasn’t there.

    Then I heard a schoolbus arriving and I realized it would be backing up as it turned near my house. I raced back to my house and saw my child lurking in one of the hedges. What a relief!


    Comment by Nicola Timmerman | August 23, 2010, 10:01 AM | Reply

  2. I can only imagine the fear and panic. When I moved into this house there was a pond and water feature that had been built but the twit didn’t ground the electrical to said pond. I had just moved in and looked out the sunroom window and saw a two year old little girl heading for the pond. I thought oh gawd nooooooooooo she’ll end up electricuted, I gave the dog the “Get her command’ and off he went and he stood in front of her to prevent her from touching the rocks or the water. I reached her in seconds, I had no idea who’s kid she was I wasn’t from the area. It turned out it was my neighbours daughter, they never noticed her missing because they are fast little snot monsters at that age. First thing I did after that incident was cut all the electrical cables and fill the pond in with pea gravel.


    Comment by Rose | August 23, 2010, 10:50 AM | Reply

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