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Pardon Me, Karla Homolka?

On December 23, 1990 15-year-old Tammy Homolka was at a Christmas party with her older sister Karla and her boyfriend Paul Bernardo. Little did she (or anybody besides Karla) know that he was who the newspapers had dubbed “the Scarborough Rapist”. With Karla’s approval he had been violently raping and humiliating women, usually after they had got off the bus. Karla was trying to please her “man” every way she could, and knew he was attracted to her little sister because she was a virgin. And so after all the relatives had left the festive party, they took Tammy down to the basement and with a sedative Karla had gotten from work  they spiked her drinks and waited till she was unconscious, and then they raped her. Both of them. Karlas own sister. During the rape Tammy began choking on her own vomit, and died as a result.

On June 15, 1991 Paul Bernardo stalked and then kidnapped 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy and brought her to the couple’s home, since after their first “success” they had moved in together. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka repeatedly raped Leslie Mahaffy over a course of several days, videotaping many of the assaults. They eventually killed Leslie Mahaffy and cut her body into pieces, encased the pieces of her body in cement, and then threw the cement in a lake. On June 29 Mahaffy’s remains were found by a couple canoeing on the lake.

In some form of sick irony, this was also the day that Bernardo and Homolka were married.

On April 16, 1992, the couple kidnapped 15-year-old Kristen French. And for the next several days raped her, and videotaped their sick twisted acts. Just before Easter they killed Kristen and dumped her body in a ditch. While Kristen was missing, her fellow students, teachers and friends at Holy Cross Secondary School chose the Green Ribbon of Hope as the symbol for their search. Kristen’s school community also gave the name to the Green Ribbon of Hope Campaign, a national campaign continued to this day by Child Find Canada, governments, organizations and individuals to raise funds and awareness for missing children.

Karla only spent 12 years in Prison for her part in these kidnappings, rapes, and murders and was released in 2005. After the sentencing a video the defence was allowed to suppress shows Homolka had a much more active part in the crimes.

It has been reported she is now living somewhere in Ontario with a new husband and baby.

Karla Homolka is eligible for a Pardon.

A pardon allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence, but have completed their sentence and demonstrated they are law-abiding citizens, to have their criminal record erased. Erased, like it had never happened.

I know that this is going to open a very emotional debate, and let me be the first to voice my opinion. No way, not a chance in hell, should this piece of vile trash be granted a pardon. As far as I am concerned she should have been put to death, or the rest of her life behind bars. But to expunge her record now and let her live her life as if nothing had happened is an insult to those she raped, and were murdered.

Please add your name to this petition to change the laws. (this is not a petition concerning Karla Homolka)


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  1. My name is Emily and I’m mommy to two beautiful children: Noah, 2 and a half, and Aurelie, 4 and a half months. I started cloth diapering Noah when he was 8 weeks old and was immediately hooked. The more I bought, the more I saw what worked for us and what didn’t. About two years ago I started making my own diapers in an effort to have my version of the perfect diaper. Several months later I took the plunge and Bébé Douceur was born.

    This is what she posted on her diaper selling site. maybe it should read:

    My name is Karla and I tortured and killed three beautiful children. Tammy, 15, Leslie, 14, and Kristen 15. I started raping and killing when my sister when she was 15 and was immediately hooked. The more I raped and killed, the more I saw what worked for us and what didn’t. About 20 years ago I met a rapist and we started kidnapping and torturing in an effort to have our version of the perfect sex slave. Several weeks later I took the plunge and Karla the Killer was born.


    Comment by Lisa | August 3, 2012, 1:37 PM | Reply

    • Well put! Exactly what I was thinking….Lest we forget—don’t give her privacy or anonymity. Ever!


      Comment by Chucky | March 1, 2013, 6:05 PM | Reply

  2. why did you take down my posts?


    Comment by Lisa | August 3, 2012, 1:46 PM | Reply

    • Nothing was taken down, sometimes it takes a bit the first time to get posted


      Comment by Beast | August 3, 2012, 2:10 PM | Reply

      • sorry,my bad, i’m not so computer literate, just very opinionated : )


        Comment by Lisa | August 3, 2012, 2:13 PM | Reply

  3. Right on! Love what you wrote! So true. She needs to be gone.


    Comment by Patricia Fisher Tolman | February 13, 2013, 6:20 AM | Reply

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