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Crime in Progress-Youth Criminal Justice System

Right now a crime is being committed in Ontario, right before our eyes. And not only will we do nothing about it, we are all accomplices. The police, and their mandate, to serve and protect, is a contradiction at best. On one hand they are tasked with keeping the criminals off the streets, but on the other they are doing deals and plea agreements to get information or leads on bigger fish to catch. The term “snitch” has been around for a long time and in movies it is usually someone who has the “goods” on a bad guy and more times than not ends up dead or in protective custody. You know, get a new name and new life, and placed in a new home and live happily ever after. But the term “snitch” is a punks moniker. It is the criminals that came up with the name, for it is them that do not want to be discovered, and the “snitch” is the one that can put them away. Even in white-collar surroundings the snitch is the one ratting out the boss for taking an extra long lunch, or fingering the reason why the petty cash is short. The snitch is trying to do the right thing, and ends up getting worse treatment than the criminal.

A 17 yr old boy has his house ransacked by 4 punks, one of them actually puts a knife to his throat in the course of this crime, and it is the victim that is scared for his life. If he goes to court and testify s against these scumbags then he is the one that is in danger. As pointed out in the article the main perpetrator will likely get released for time served, and what do you want to bet one of the first tings he does is make sure that the “snitch” gets whats coming to him. In reality, the punk that was holding the knife shouldn’t see freedom for at least 10 years and the victim should not have to live in fear for the rest of his life. Is that reality, or fantasy?

His friends at school have warned him not to go to court or something bad will happen to him, you see everyone knows about the “code” that being a snitch is bad. Excuse me this is not the 1920’s and we are not dealing with Al Capone. We are dealing with some low life scumbag punks that know the system is broken and are using against us to get what they want, and not have to be held accountable for it. Why should this kid be afraid of DOING THE RIGHT THING! Do we want our Society taken over by the thugs, criminals, punks, and drug addicts? Do the crime do the time. Anyone remember that? Now it seems to be “do the crime, and oh we’re sorry are you upset do you need some help?” Age should not be considered in these types of crimes, like murder or rape, if you are old enough to do it, you are old enough to face the penalty. The maximum penalty. Time off for good behavior? Who was the brainless wonder that came up with that one? How about behave or we’ll tack  5 more years on to your sentence! Keep the criminals off the streets and protect the innocent. THAT is Justice, but I don’t see too much of that going around.


My petition is growing but is still along way from the goal 0f 5,000 names. Changing the laws regarding Sex Offenders should be a major concern of everyone, but it is not only these laws that need changing. The whole Justice system needs an overhaul.

Please sign and spread the word.



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  1. Good article … Beast, how true! The system DOES PROTECT these “snitches” in most cases they are just as GUILTY,WHY do we protect them?? Criminals are making DEALS like crazy! They know they can get a reduced sentense by turning states on another criminal! Now there are TWO GUILTY CRIMINALS! One gets a DEAL,the other dosen’t! And it seems the more henious the crime RAPE and MURDER of a CHILD,They get protected better than the president! 24/7,in a little room with someone watching/protecting them CONSTANTLY??!!
    They need to be put on an island with a few seeds to grow food.THAT’S IT!
    I just read an article wher a murderer sentenced to die with lethal injection,OD’D in his cell on pills,just hours before he scheduled to die!! WHAT is that?? A new one to me! Your sentenced to die and OVERDOSE??Somebody wasn’t doing their job!hmmmm


    Comment by Terisa | March 9, 2010, 1:02 PM | Reply

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