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Bullies win Again

This year we can expect over 300,000 children say they were bullied at school, and just today 160,000 of them will stay at home because they are too afraid to go at all. Those are very disturbing numbers. What is our education system doing about this? I had no idea that the problem was so widespread and that so many children were affected by it. Obviously the current Liberal minded way of dealing with the problem is not working.

Morgan Jones can tell you all about it. She is 13 years old and once upon a time attended R.A Sennett Public School in Whitby, but now she is one of those staying at home because going to school means a beating, and harassment. This is a perfect example of a program that is not working. Can someone please explain to me why the students that are doing the bullying are still going to school and the victims are the ones staying at home? It’s not like the school does not know who they are. But I suppose their “rights” are more important. Is that how it is? The school says it “will” put a plan in place if Morgan goes back to school, but there is no way they can prevent it from happening again. They couldn’t even prevent it from happening right outside the Principals office in the first place. It’s no wonder she does not want to return. The students responsible for these attacks should be the ones kept at home, and those parents forced to find ways of dealing with their behavior.

Morgan Jones moved to Ontario from Nova Scotia, and was looking forward to making new friends and settling into a new life. We all know the difficulties at that age especially having to leave friends behind and starting all over again. Add to that the alienation that comes with bullying makes for a very unpleasant existence. Depression and anxiety about personal attacks are an unnecessary addition, and can be prevented.

Since The Sun put pictures on the net exploiting this young girls pain, in the guise of a news story, why are the pictures of the ones responsible for this not plastered all over the net identifying them? Why is it the victims the only face we see? Show us the culprits and let them be embarrassed and humiliated for a change. Perhaps that might help a bit. At least something will be getting done about it.


February 26, 2010, 8:49 AM - Posted by | All News


  1. With corporal punishment being replaced by political correctness we can expect nothing less. It is amazing what a slap or two up side the head by a victims parent will do to adjust a bully’s attitude. And the slapping will continue until attitudes improve.


    Comment by Rob C | February 26, 2010, 10:03 AM | Reply

  2. Thankyou for pointing out that schools are cowards when dealing with Bullies. One of our children went through a similar situation 20 years ago. 12 and 13 yr olds can be very nasty and i can’t even imagine what pain the internet must cause.
    I just want this student to know that I support her and am ashamed at the teachers and principle who refuse to protect the vulnerable.


    Comment by Fay | February 26, 2010, 10:17 AM | Reply

  3. I’m not sure what you mean by that Rob, and I don’t think more violence is the answer. Certainly not slapping the victim.


    Comment by Beast | February 26, 2010, 10:22 AM | Reply

  4. The schools have been put into an unworkable situation by parents,teachers,and school boards who believe that everyone is a reasonable person who can be talked into or out of anything.

    This is the same mentality as the NDP leader jack Layton has toward any of our sworn (by them) enemies, you can negotiate anything. Sometimes you simply can’t negotiate, especially when you’re negotiating from a position of weakness.

    Bullies are motivated by many factors,they are not all “victims crying out in their pain”, they are not all disturbed children who are victims at home,though some surely do meet those criteria. Some are just simply mean,maybe they have a personality disorder,I’ll let the professionals argue that one.

    Bullying,being “top dog” is FUN, with a capital “F”! Most educators completely fail to recognize that fact. It feels great to have power,that’s the incentive to be “king of the hill”. Bullies have groups of hangers-on that applaud everything they do and they get positive reinforcement from their peers every day.

    Bullies are also usually very aware of their RIGHTS,just challenge one some time and you’ll find out they’re pre-jailhouse lawyers. Dare to touch one of them, and you can kiss your life goodbye, as the Canadian legal industry will move heaven and earth to see you’re punished to the full extent of the law.

    Society has become so sissified today we can no longer protect ourselves or our children from the predators, and school bullies are nothing more than that. We have been taught from an early age to “call the authorities” when confronted with a dangerous situation. The only problem is the authorities have NO real authority, and garner no repect or fear from the thug element in our schools.

    I have heard so many times,”violence is not the answer”, and I can only respond, “it depends on the question”.

    I have three kids,now thankfully graduated from school. We brought them up with good old fashioned Christian principles as taught to us by the Greatest Generation. They were bullied unmercifully in school, both my sons, and my daughter.

    My daughter, an extremely bright girl,top of the class in most subjects, was attacked and beaten by boys, something that would have landed a boy in Reform School when I was in school. One persistent bully was suspended for three days.

    I had had enough, and taught the three some of my old boxing moves,with a few street fighting tactics thrown in for good measure. The same boy attacked my daughter at lunch hour, in full view of teachers and students. She flattened him with a well trained punch,then held him down with an armlock. The teachers scolded her for using violence instead of coming to them!

    My older son had a fist fight with a bully in the classroom in full view of the teacher, the bully was one of the perpetual bullies who infest every school, and my son held his own against a kid about four inches taller and thirty pounds heavier. The teacher said the boys should “do the bridge” and sort out their problems. The only problem was the bully saw a new victim and wanted to “bully” him.

    My youngest son was a tough little bugger, and when he was attacked and beaten up by a much older and larger boy, he grabbed a tree branch and beat hell out of the bully, almost breaking his arm. The bully required medical treatment. When the bully’s father came to our house to complain, we asked him how a 12 year old could attack an eight year old, and still claim he was the victim.
    I mentioned if he wanted to settle things the old fashioned way,I’d be happy to accommodate him. He blanched at the thought of “violence” and left. We never heard from him again.

    My son, with an now established reputation as someone too dangerous to mess with, spent the rest of his years in school physically unmolested,although some bullies would swear at him from a safe distance.

    Schools are not safe for kids because bullies are allowed to practice with no fear of retaliation,from any of the so-called authorities. My advice to anyone whose child is being bullied; if at all possible,get them enrolled in martial arts,like full contact karate or kick boxing, or even boxing. There is no defence against bullies except the threat of violence.

    If your child is perceived as too dangerous to attack, they’ll leave him alone,although in the case of particularly vicious bullies,they might organize a gang to beat him half or fully,to death. You may have to put him in a private school, but if you do, make damned sure you don’t do it quietly. Call the media, the PTA, your city councillor, your MLA,MP, police department, and raise hell with them,don’t be nice.

    Your kid’s life could be at stake.


    Comment by dmorris | February 26, 2010, 2:58 PM | Reply

  5. You nailed it. And I pretty much agree with everything you have said. However, I still believe that the schools have a responsibility in all this, and that is to ensure that ALL students can attend and not risk physical or emotional attacks. Give the bullies a warning and then boot them out.


    Comment by Beast | February 26, 2010, 3:19 PM | Reply

  6. When I lived in NW Calgary, my daughter attended a school about 1 km from our home. In her class were three lads who thought terrorizing girls was fun. She came home crying often; I had gone to the school to address the situation with the principal face-to-face. He told me he would “take care of it”.

    The boys stepped up their attacks. To make a long story short, the day arrived when my daughter had been pushed hard enough. Off school property, about a block from home, she tangled with the three, leaving then bawling and bleeding in the alley.

    The principal of the school called me the next day to complain about what my daughter did to these “poor kids”, (three boys on one girl is supposed to somehow be fair)nowhere near the school. I went down to the school following his call and pulled my daughter out- sent her to another school where she had no problems.


    Comment by TGM | February 26, 2010, 7:00 PM | Reply

  7. I don’t know about Canada … but some states in the US have adopted the ANTI BULLYING LAW,I feel as long,as it’s a law(or against a law) there are more atringent rules and punishment for BREAKING this LAW. I don’t know too much about it,but it’s worth a google search,very interesting. At least it’s a way of validating the rights of VICTIM’S!
    Hopefully in the states this law is enforced kids are safer and more willing to attend school,knowing they have some type of protection and bullies will be punished.


    Comment by Terisa | February 26, 2010, 10:40 PM | Reply

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