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Victoria Stafford-The search is over

Police today have confirmed the discovery of remains found on Sunday are indeed that of Tori Stafford. April 8th was the last time that anyone had seen this little girl, walking down the street after school with one of the accused. Today her family finally knows where she is, and that Tori is coming home. But not the way they were hoping and praying for. She was murdered and left in a field. How this was done is not yet known. The burning question yet to be answered is why. What could be the possible motive to take a little girl and murder her? No child should have to fear that, and as a society it is our duty to stop it from happening again.

In previous articles on this site I have mentioned the use of GPS implants to locate our children quicker, and possibly prevent this type of thing from happening. The reasons why this case was not classified as an abduction sooner are confusing, and the Amber Alert system is currently being reviewed as a result of massive public demand.

There have been many theories and rumors surrounding Tori’s disappearance, with her mother even suspected of being involved somehow. That the accused and Tori’s mom knew each other to some is a red flag. But Woodstock is not a large place, so it is not that strange for them to be acquainted in some manner. Drugs have been brought in to it, that it may be the result of some debt or something. That to me is ridiculous. Owing money for drugs may result in getting roughed up or even possibly a broken leg or something like that. But to have your child stolen and murdered? The accused are not the mafia of old, and certainly not members of a large Cartel trying to send out a message. So there must be another reason.

Was Tori abducted for sexual reasons? Did the female abduct this precious little girl to satisfy some sick need of her co-accused? Was she present when it happened? What kind of a person could do that? It’s one thing to have a pedophile commit these heinous crimes, but it’s quite another to think about what these two might have done. This is another reason why Canada needs to change these laws. From mandatory punishments,  longer sentences, and tougher parole restrictions to even maybe re-considering the Death Penalty for certain crimes. A petition about this can be found here.

Tori’s parents no longer have to worry about her, nor do they have to wonder where she is. But they also have to live the rest of their lives without her, knowing the people responsible for Tori’s death are still living, breathing, watching TV, eating, at their expense. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

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  1. We are starting to get more news on this case, finally.


    And although the majority of this article talks about Terri-Lynne McClintic, there still is no explanation or reason for what she did that day. It does try to portray her as some sort of lost soul that was doomed to do wrong. That is hog wash BS in the extreme. And to her Mother Carol I have something to say to you as well. The only truth we need to hear about your daughter is WHY she did this. WHY did she have to take the life of an innocent little girl? That is the only thing I care about, and as far as I’m concerned Terri-Lynne McClintic should be six feet under. Why should you be breathing Terri, when Victoria Stafford is not. Do us all a favour and give Tori some Justice. Don’t wake up one morning.


    Comment by Beast | December 9, 2010, 12:59 PM | Reply

  2. And I suppose this is a feeble attempt at an apology.


    I got a better idea. Tell us WHY and HOW so we can do something to stop it happening again and THEN, go to sleep. Forever. It could have been my child if I had lived there. That thought chills me to the very core.


    Comment by Beast | December 9, 2010, 1:08 PM | Reply

  3. This one has some very detailed information. The most to date. It’s all here. Except still I cant find anything about WHY.



    Comment by Beast | December 9, 2010, 1:45 PM | Reply

  4. Thanks for that link Sean. For as little as they are allowed to publish, it says so much about Tori. It was a really well written article, and while it does not ease the pain of this child’s death, at least there will be some justice in the form of a life sentence for the monsters that took her precious life.

    The saddest part is that Tori’s family and friends are also sentenced to Life- a Life without this sweet child.



    Comment by oceans | December 9, 2010, 9:25 PM | Reply

  5. Canada needs to have the death penalty back! Although it has its flaws… I remember my dad telling me about Robert Raymond Cook, the last guy hung in Alberta. His uncle confessed 10 yrs later.

    BUT when there’s definitive proof – cases where they point out the body, DNA, etc – ie: Clifford Olson case – there’s no need to house & feed these slimes.

    Carol – why the hell should anyone give a crap about your daughter? Tori was someone’s child, isn’t THAT the ‘daughter’ YOU should focus on?

    I hate the publication bans Canada imposes. Who are they protecting but the criminals??


    Comment by Patty | December 9, 2010, 10:32 PM | Reply

  6. Oceans – there is never true LIFE sentence in prison in Canada.

    Its always Life with min. of 15 – 25 years unless they can slap the person with a Dangerous Offender label, which makes it indefinite. Life should be LIFE!

    Paul Bernardo has the D.O. label, thank goodness.


    Comment by Patty | December 9, 2010, 10:35 PM | Reply

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