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Aaliyah Bedwell: Fact not Fiction

It is long past the time that the facts in this case are presented, and the persons responsible for spreading the lies and slanderous accusations be punished. Enough is Enough.

* Dustin Thompson has NO criminal record.


* Tim Bedwell does,

* Case #62-14686, code/section 278.5(a) PC, 228 says incarcerated + 114 conduct. This stemmed from Tim Bedwell’s abduction of Aaliyah (correction, a child) to Jordan and the subsequent actions of the DA’s office to bring them back.

* May 12 2000, 3 separate criminal convictions.

* 1984 & 1986 conviction for dangerous drugs

* 1982 charged with Marijuana possession. Case #323689881


* The 730 evaluation was completed months ago by a highly regarded Clinical & Forensic Psychologist and was adopted at the last hearing.  Dustin still retains 100% Custody.

* The papers filed at the court appearance June 1st were the final reports with all the pertinent signatures, contrary to what you may have read somewhere else.

* Connie Bedwell did not attend one single class during the STEP program.

The only “evidence” that has been presented on the Internet is a home made video that in no way shape or form proves abuse of any kind. Yet the emotional reaction of countless people are ready to hang this man because of it. The reason why you have not heard anything from the Thompson family is because this case has NO business being discussed in the public forum. And certainly to post that video and plaster the web with pictures of that little girl is deplorable, and quite possibly a breach of undertaking.

Doctor Joe Saturley requested documentation from Connie Bedwell prior to the airing of that segment on the BTLS show. The documentation was not provided. The so called letter of evidence that was displayed in an article on BNN was written by Mitzi Nay, this letter mentioned the possibility that some abuse had occurred. Mitzi Nay is not licensed to make that determination, nor is she qualified to make that kind of examination.

The radio show that was canceled was done by me because of Internet problems on my end, and no other reason. As most people are starting to realize BNN doesn’t deal in facts, just whatever sensational gibberish they think will generate visitors. I have been in regular contact with the good Doctor and we have agreed to June 13th at 1pm EST for the show, and with all that’s going on it will be very informative. I’ll have a new post up about it soon, as soon as I’m finished with Part 2 of Shame.

Justice will be served, and we will do everything we can to make sure Aaliyah is safe. But we will base our decision on facts, not fiction.


June 4, 2009, 12:15 PM - Posted by | All News


  1. Hey PLEASE (aka timmy)… easy to see this is a Bedwell… you SHUT UP! or tell your daughter to SHUT UP and let the courts -and the courts alone handle this.

    YOU don’t like whats coming out about you or your family, tell your scum daughter to REMOVE EVERYTHING ON THE NET AND WE WILL GO AWAY!

    The PROOF is in the puddin’ honey. The courts have decided repeatedly where this child is safe, love and in a STABLE normal environment.

    By the way, your daughter was criminally charged in July – NOT 18 months… and has had 7 court appearances for the criminal charges – she refuses to plea. VERY interesting whats going to go down shortly – isn’t it!


    Comment by Patty | January 4, 2011, 12:45 PM | Reply

  2. Sean, anyone posting at 3am is a Bedwell. They’re bloodsuckers.

    Please poster, a blogger like SEAN has all rights to their opinion. You don’t like it, tough.

    Is CONnie pouting because the ‘media’ once again refuses to listen to her crap ala Channel 3? *sniff*

    They come on here trying to ‘pretend’ they’re someone new… being nice for a chage lol.

    I refuse to be nice to a bunch of criminal scum that exploit & abuse a little girl online and make bigger and bigger accusations about the INNOCENT father – all ALL without 1 shred of proof of their grand accusations.

    Mulitple experts determined the child was never harmed by her daddy.

    The courts keep deciding against the mother -for many reasons – NONE having to do with conspiracy. EVERYTHING having to do with “the childs best interests”!!.

    4 lawyers (for the mother) & 7 judges – one unbias out of county judge and just because this freak psycho doesn’t like the results and just HAS TO BE RIGHTR and get her revenge, is a narcissist and thinks she’s more intelligent than them all LMAO too funny…

    NOOOO “PLEASE” poster, I won’t be nice to EVIL like CONnie Bedwell! She belongs in HELL.

    Aali TOLD the truth about her mother! “MOMMY MADE ME say those things”!


    Comment by Patty | January 4, 2011, 1:07 PM | Reply

  3. Beast I was not referring to you directly to shut up, or anyone else for that matter, although this “Patty” character is tempting though. Yes slanderous is the key word both ways, because it is true on one end or the other for sure. Slander is lying to someone about some else, stating a false allegation to cause damage to anothers public perception. How ever if it is true, then it is the truth. Patty, this is not AKA Timmy, I am not related to the family, and live across the U.S., I have never met the Bedwell family so I would request a refund on your crystal ball if I were you. Question though, if you were wrong about that, me being her father, or a Bedwell then it stands to reason that you could be wrong on the Aaliyah situation too? Alas though you sounded so sure, I was almost convinced too! Maybe I am a Bedwell, and just did not ever know it!HA! Identity crisis in three, two, one………………………. lol
    One court has made all the decisions, and why so many judges, why wont one stay on the same case and stop switching?One judge, one case, verdict! DONE!So it can confuse the case? This case has nbeen confused across the board. Re- explaining all this over and over to a different judge each few times? WTH? This is not the fastest way to speed this up that is for sure. (Aaliyah deserves a fast end to this either way)From my understanding in tracking this case, as I can find the time too, it would seem that she will not plea because they will not give the charges to her? I mean do you plea and not know what too? I would not, would you, and if it is a plea, why is the DA amending those charges now,from my understanding? Seven times and now they are re doing them? I thought they were professionals, and if they are amending them ,then that to me suggest they did not get something right. Seriously, what if the court has violated civil rights, does your crystal ball show that ever having had happened in the US? The history books do. (enough on the crystal ball I think the point has been made)I mean if I were being accused of this, I would want the same judge throughout the case. I mean trying to mount a defense can be hard enough I imagine on a charge like this. If you keep switching judges then doesn’t that make it harder. Is there a direct relationship between the fathers attorney and a judge there? Does that reek of possible contamination on decisions being made? Come on, now. Beast it is my understanding that in California, law prohibits doctors from examining her (Aaliyah) without a court order. At the behest of the child’s safety across the board for all children. This prevents doctors from being dragged into needless examinations and children from being put through them at a whim? I am asking if the courts suggested doc is wrong, and the only one, then there should be another one used, whats wrong with a second opinion?
    I stated above ~ The truly professional thing to do here is to take an unbiased unemotional unattached approach to this whole thing.
    I also asked ~ I would ask anyone here to please point me to anyone here that has given money and allow me to contact you to get your side of this, with proof of money transfering hands to saveaaliyah.com or to Connie Bedwell or family members?

    I also am still asking~ All those reports were provided by the same doctor? The same one that is now being accused by several women in Placer County of the same things?

    I stated as follows in full the shut up statement~ If you have the proof show it, if not shut up, let the courts run their course. If there is corruption in PC, then it will come out. If there is not, then that will come out too.

    And I still believe~ Let us come together and reason on the facts, and that alone.
    Can we try that for a while, or are our personal needs for attention going to override the needs of a little girls rights to protection and justice.

    If she has to have permission from the courts to have the examination and they refuse a second opinion, is that fair?

    No doubt Patty somehow you seem to hate Connie Bedwell, and if not for personal reasons, then what? What proof are you basing that decision on? What rational are you using?
    Aaliyah may be the only witness to this whole thing, is it not worth our tax dollars to get that child a second or third opinion given the scope of the situation either way?
    I am not sure where this will even go as far as commenting on this, but I guess it just makes us all feel better to do so. At least we are doing something, All the best,
    Timmy (whoops, I mean) Please……………..lol


    Comment by Please.................... | January 5, 2011, 4:01 AM | Reply

  4. I almost forgot, should Connie or Aaliyah be overlooked for Tims past? I mean thank goodness we are not liable for our parents mistakes? Throwing that in this equation has nothing to do with the case of this little girl and the possible sexual abuse does it? Am I missing something here?


    Comment by Please.................... | January 5, 2011, 4:10 AM | Reply

  5. I found these facts if anyone is interested in them?
    Polygraph test anyone, Dustin will you do the same?

    Have you read all the articles and comments here on this topic? If not refrain form posting till you have done so please. I have no desire to rehash old news. By the way, have you been to her “stop placer county” site and read all the articles there? Have a look at the looney one then talk to me again about slander. (BEAST)


    Comment by Please.................... | January 5, 2011, 9:18 AM | Reply

  6. courts arent always right. look at casey anthony.Idiots on the case. I had to be the one to tell them where to find her.Then when they didnt look at the location right i again had to tell them to look deeper in to the wooded area.It sickens me when the child’s life is in danger due to the insane parents.They can never hide what they do it will ALWAYS COME OUT.


    Comment by shirley | February 4, 2012, 9:47 PM | Reply

    • Let me be clear…”YOU” were the one that told “whom” where to find “caylee”?
      So either you killed her and put her there or the one that did told you. Which is it?
      Or, your just a crackpot troll.


      Comment by Beast | February 4, 2012, 9:58 PM | Reply

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