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Victoria Stafford GPS Might have saved her life

There is nothing more horrible a parent can endure than the loss of their child. I am a parent to 5 children and cannot imagine the grief, sense of loss, and emptiness that must accompany that happening. But when it happens at the hands of a stranger, or even worse an acquaintance, the anger and rage that must be present has to be overpowering. We are not supposed to outlive our children.

On April8/2009 Tori left school allegedly accompanied by a woman known to the mother, and has not been seen since. Now, two people are charged with her abduction and murder. Police are now pledging to stop at nothing in bringing Tori home to her family, but certainly that homecoming is not what anyone had wished for. Canadians and indeed people from all over the world have expressed hope, and support for the family.

There are many confusing parts to this story, not the least of which is why police waited a week to change the status of Tori’s disappearance from missing to an abduction. The police had that video the very next day! And I’m sure the parents saw it shortly after that. In my opinion the moment the parents told police that they did not know that person, it should have been made an abduction.

GPS implants have been available for humans since 2003. Now think about that for a moment, how many children have been abducted and murdered since then? With this technology police can find the child within minutes of being reported missing. Minutes! Not hours, days, or weeks. The ability to find a missing child in this way would dramatically reduce, or even eliminate this type of thing from EVER happening again. These chips are the size of a grain of rice and after being surgically implanted are not visible to the human eye.

I have been advocating the availability in Canada for some time now, and in conjunction with other issues a petition I have started (ironically the day before Victoria Stafford went missing) has received more than 500 names from around the world. This reinforces my belief that this is not a local issue. This problem is happening everywhere, and it does not need to continue.

I have heard the arguments against this technology, and I do not understand the reasoning behind it at all. Some people have raised the issue of Privacy concerns, and that seems absolutely absurd to me. Others have mentioned some biblical prophecy about a “mark of the beast“. We put chips in our dogs in case they go missing, but people are arguing against doing this for our children.

Others have said that introducing this technology would just encourage the pedophiles and criminals to develop or steal the  technology to detect the chip, and then remove it rendering it useless or throwing authorities off the trail. I say we have car alarms that thieves know how to disable, yet they are still installed in vehicles everyday. Other arguments include the irrational fear of having the Government watching and tracking your every move. Well if the Government or agency put in control of this wants to watch my 3 year old playing in the sand box at the park then by all means. What a ridiculous notion, and completely missing the point of the whole idea. These things do not have to be monitored! The only time that anyone needs to look for one of these chips is in an emergency, a missing child report, an abduction, a child lost in the woods and that sort of thing.

At the very least I believe it is time to say enough is enough and have an open debate on the subject. I have written numerous emails to the Prime Ministers office, and to Jim Brownell the MPP for my district. Mr. Brownell was very open to the idea but has since not done anything about it. Mr Brownell was also offered an opportunity to join my upcoming radio program, but has declined.

How many more children have to die before we do something?


May 21, 2009, 10:08 AM - Posted by | All News


  1. why on earth would anyone want to dispute this proposition? now, im not a parent at this time, but if i was, i sure as hell would want my child to be as safe as he or she could possibly be and im going to go out of my way to make sure that happens! again, why would people decide to argue against GPS for your children?? for one thing, its not mandatory and if for some very stupid reason you do not want to put your child in a GPS program, then that is your choice! at least i will be much more at ease knowing that i will be able to find my child if they do go missing, and perhaps prevent something more serious and sinister from happening to them. call it what you will, but if you want to bring up the privacy issue, i dont think a 3 year old child is going to be worried about someone being able to trace where they are. it seems to me they would much rather be in the arms of their loving parents and not some sick and perverted pedophile!


    Comment by David | May 11, 2010, 9:07 PM | Reply

  2. As Jane V. M. says on air, “There is a WAR against women and children!” And – isn’t there!
    I don’t think they should be put in just one place. They will know to look for them and COULD remove them if NUTS ENOUGH – which they very well might be. Many different places.
    They try to keep ahead of us, or vice versa. I remember with cars. They used to just steal them. Then we got alarm systems in our cars. THEN we got the “Club”. So – what did they do? Started Car Jacking us!
    We watch our children more closely. They walk in groups. So what did they do?
    Start stealing our children from their very own bedrooms!!


    Comment by Heart | May 12, 2010, 11:47 AM | Reply

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