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Blog Talk Radio Program May 30th/1pm EST

After much consideration I have decided to add another dimension to this site, and offer my readers another venue to discuss their concerns. In addition to that, the ability to bring experienced and professional individuals on air for people to interact with is (I believe) a very positive thing.

The first program is going to focus on the subject of Missing Children, GPS for children, Sexual Abuse, and Family Custody. There are far too many cases on each subject to discuss them all, and each of them are equally sad and important. But since I have a finite amount of time I am going to focus on the most recent ones to hopefully gather new information, shed some light on possible solutions, and raise the awareness on each of these very pressing issues facing Society today.

My first guest will be Dr. Joseph Saturley, Author of the book “How to lose a Custody Battle”, and who’s educational background includes/but not limited to;

* Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stetson University,

* Master’s degree in counseling from Stetson University

* Ph.D. from Florida State University in counseling psychology and human services.

Also known as “Doc Joe” he is a very welcome addition to the program and I look forward to discussing these issues with him.

I encourage everyone to tune in and call the program, public awareness on these very important issues will only grow and be solved if everyone gets involved.

This show had to be cancelled but will be rescheduled soon

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  1. I read Dr. Saturleys profile on his site, sounds like he will have a lot to offer! It will be nice to listen to a guest speaker with his experience & knowledge.


    Comment by Beth | May 25, 2009, 1:17 PM | Reply

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    Comment by papa813 | June 9, 2009, 11:10 PM | Reply

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    Comment by papa813 | June 10, 2009, 12:03 AM | Reply

  4. (1) Sean’s article referenced the site, quantcast.com as his source for web traffic information for BNN.

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    Comment by papa813 | June 10, 2009, 12:51 AM | Reply

  5. Post removed by the moderator


    Comment by papa813 | June 10, 2009, 11:47 AM | Reply


    Re: Comment in BNN Private Forum by Simon B. To view post
    Click Here

    Rabid dogs eh Simon? Those two words created the necessity of this response.


    Comment by papa813 | June 10, 2009, 12:18 PM | Reply

  7. Good Morning everyone!

    Pammy when you talk to Pickles again would you please ask her to call me? Nothing is wrong, I just want to talk to her. I hope she gets her pc back soon.

    As for the forum here, I would not kick you all out for stating how you feel. Regardless of how it looks that is not how I operate. It is hard trying to keep everyone happy at the same time.

    When we opened this forum it was because we had two choices. One was to either shut down the other comment section making it all under moderation only or only shut down certain topics comments and send them here.

    It was hard keeping up with the aliases coming in starting fights or leaving ugly comments that hurt peoples feelings. I don’t see how anyone can say they weren’t doing anything but stating their opinion when they were doing it on purpose to start fights only. Even after they were asked numerous times to stop.

    I had to stop the cursing because the way it was being done in there got out of hand and we got a lot of complaints about it. Some were from mothers that had kids with them while reading or posting comments and others that were offended by the use of certain words, even though they were mostly substituted with other symbols such as f**K this or f**k that. It is quite obvious what word that is suppose to mean and some kids are smarter than what they should be. This is not an adult forum, it is a family oriented one and I told everyone that when I had to stop all the language use before. Regardless what I said C~A went in and told everyone it WAS and adult forum. Her words in a comment were: “this is an adult blog and children should have adult supervision. What child reads News in Review? Ridiculous!”

    A lot of kids read our articles and she was telling everyone that I was wrong. This is what started my problem with C~A. As for KarennCCC and AnneA, yes they did come on strong, over a subject that they very much so believe in, just as I came on strong with those that strongly fought with me to get rid of Pickles which I refuse to do. I believe in her and no matter what they tell me I see a lot of good in her. Besides what KarennCCC and AnneA did to begin with was something they both were sorry for and they openly apologized but certain people just refused to accept that apology. For the record I did get emails from a few of those that are in sean’s chat room now demanding that I get rid of Pickles. Do these people really sound like her friends?

    I tried seperating the topics asking those that had a problem with the Aaliyah case to just stay out of that thread. There was a lot of other threads for them to talk to people in but they refused to do so. They were deliberately going in the articles concerning the Aaliyah case knowing Karen and Anne were there EVEN though I specifically asked them not to. They were even going in there using alias names which those that have been here from the beginning know that is one thing we have ruled as against our rules. I finally got tired of it and banned C~A to start only to ban a few others after, which IS my right.

    Karen and Anne didn’t get banned because we talked about it and they agreed to stay to their own topic and when that happened those that were hell bent on making us stp covering the story kept going back to antagonize them and lure them into a fight with their statements and questions. How many times are we suppose to tell someone DO NOT DO THAT?

    They did NOT have to go there to express their disapproval of us covering a story just because they didn’t want us to. What we cover is not up to anyone but us. We have a right to that.

    I did not do any of this because I am a bitch or to hurt anyone either. I am not that kind of person even though they have made me to look like one. Simon and I have worked very hard to keep this forum for all of you. When we first started out with the Caylee story our comment section was never meant to be an ongoing live forum, it was only a place for someone to leave a comment, but we let it go so those of you that were there could talk to others that felt like you did about the case and then other cases were added as they opened up.

    We are being accused of only doing this for the ratings and for money. OK to be honest the ratings do count in any news organization. Ask any news site. If the story doesn’t bring in readers they don’t carry it. Look at HLN… if the story doesn’t reach blockbuster status they don’t carry it. OK so what are we doing that is so wrong there? The other group that left BNN has their own website too about these cases, are they saying they are NOT doing it for the ratings? If we don’t have people reading what we write we can’t keep BNN up and going and then everyone would be out of a forum too.

    As for the money, we do not make money off these stories. I wish we did because we would have one heck of a lot more now if we did. We write these stories to get the word out when none of the others want to keep it going, when they see no ratings in it. I think it is wrong to accuse us as we have been accused.

    I am sorry some of you aren’t happy with us, but as I said we can’t make everyone happy but please at least give us credit for trying. We DO CARE regardless of what some think. We thank you all for your support and we are continuing to try and improve this to make this orum a better and easier place to blog at. Please have patience with us. You guys are what keeps us trying. As I said it isn’t easy keeping up with all this but we really are trying and we love you all for sticking with us.

    I hope you all have a great day.

    Jan and Simon Barrett


    Comment by papa813 | June 13, 2009, 8:49 AM | Reply

  8. Ya jan and that was my opinion…along with alot of others as well! Kids reading news in review..you expect anyone to swallow that…you just had to single me out again…with NOTHING…that’s the best you can do! That’s pretty lame Jan!


    Comment by CeeA | June 13, 2009, 10:15 AM | Reply

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