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Aaliyah Bedwell-Both Sides of the Story-

This case has been inflamed out of proportion by a small number of personal blogs and Internet gossip sites. A so called news network that gained a great deal of readers while the Casey Anthony case was going on, is now using that popularity to promote the views and accusations of Connie Bedwell. This video was made by the mother. At times a little girl can be seen briefly but at no time is the child seen speaking. What can not be seen is what the mother is doing out of camera range.

I find it very disturbing that at one point when the child says “it makes me cough” and a sound can be heard like “choking”. It is my opinion it was not the child that made that sound. There is no doubt that if this video could be proved to be true then it is very disturbing indeed. If it is true. If.

What the biggest problem I see in this case is the lack of evidence, other than this home video. Anyone can put a camera in a room,  hold up a little green thing, call it daddy and well, coach the child to say what can be heard there. Some will be outraged at that statement and scream at my insensitivity, and perhaps even accuse me of things. But the fact remains that we do not know what actually happened in that room while the video was being made. And because I am not emotionally involved in this case, I am just looking for facts.

Other interesting videos to watch are this one,  this one, this one, and don’t waste your time watching this one (but you did anyway right?).

Now let’s have a look at this, and while you are reading through that “place” make note of the dates. I was very interested in the notes of January 16/2008. This is apparently written after many previous entries of the alleged abuse happening. I am baffled that after keeping such detailed notes about what the child apparently has said, statements about bruises and such, that at the pediatrician’s appointment not a single thing is mentioned.

Then the very next day apparently she was taken to a different doctor, again not a single thing is mentioned about the Doctor’s report or observations. Then on January 19th she states that it has been anywhere from a week to two weeks since the alleged abuse, but in her own notes she says she picked up Aaliyah on the 13th and that’s when the alleged abuse was first mentioned. By my count that is only 6 days and not a week or two. But I’m not very good with math so I could be wrong.

I did not continue reading the whole thing but did note that many different Doctor’s appointments were mentioned but nothing about their observations or validating her claims of abuse. Another interesting mention here is that she says the father was served a restraining order. For what I am curious? The courts do not issue those for child abuse. Apparently the police served the restraining order at 2am on the 16th of February. That seems a little strange to me as well. Then on March 14th tells Aaliyah that she is going to see daddy. Well did the restraining order expire? After all these notes and accusations being made of abuse how could she send her daughter back to the father if she thought there was abuse happening? And apparently breaking a restraining order at the same time.

I find that all to be more than a little confusing. What is even more confusing to me is that after what looks to be 6 months of notes about abuse allegations and statements she says are made by the child at the custody hearing SHE loses custody?

One more interesting thing to look at here. I’m not sure but since when did it cost money to report a crime? I might have missed the memo.

There seems to be more “professional” effort going into getting donations than reporting the crime, or any explanation as to why she lost custody to an apparent abusive parent. Make up your own mind. As it stands now no reputable news agency is carrying this story, and that to me says something.

The evidence and facts will decide the outcome of these allegations. I will keep looking for reliable news reports in this case.

Note: All comments and opinions will be respected, and I encourage mature and rational debate on this subject. Any comments that are abusive will be removed, repeated violations will result in the loss of posting privileges without warning.

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  1. Can ANYONE tell me how Aliyah is doing?! I found her case years ago and I still don’t know whose side to be on. Even so, all I care about that is Aliyah is healthy and happy, because it broke my heart when I first heard about this. Yet there is absolutely NOTHING about her! And I know its years later but still…


    Comment by Concerned | July 11, 2014, 4:46 PM | Reply

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