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Again today we are reading in the local newspapers about another sewage spill in to the Ottawa river, because it rained. Apparently this particular spill happened during last weekends rainfall, but city council was not informed of this until yesterday. You can read the article in the Ottawa Sun here. So after seeing that this morning started to do a little digging of my own, and what I found was a little confusing. Using Google search as a starting point I typed in Ottawa City Hall, and then from that page typed in sewage. Now from there is where the confusion starts to take over. The first result from the City of Ottawa page that relates to sewage is this one. I am going to copy and paste the “Project Purpose” directly from there, it is as follows; To eliminate the contribution of contaminated discharge from a direct connection of a private sewage system to a watercourse or a groundwater source. Now that sounds to me like it is a project aimed at fixing the leaks going into the river, does it not? At first glance that is what I thought, but then after re-reading it five or six times realized it means something completely different. The word “Private” is the key here, so lets examine what that includes. Oh and before we examine what it includes I’ll mention what the funding for this project is. $2,000, that’s it. Okay so you qualify if your private sewage system is leaking right into the Ottawa River or if puddles of stinking sludge and unmentionable things are surfacing in your backyard. I can’t recall seeing any homes along the Ottawa river that have pipes out the back for that purpose, but apparently there are some according to the City. In the next section under ineligibility it has system upgrades or additional plumbing fixtures. Seems to me that if you want to change from a pipe out the back of your house to a better system some upgrades or additional fixtures would be needed. Perhaps just point the pipe to the neighbors yard and then deal with the crap after? Yes, pun intended.

Further down are the eligible costs. which include the permits, approvals, design fees and a few other things, all of which the City receives money from in one way shape or form. So in a way the City is paying itself back for all of this. What is not covered is the Applicants labour or machinery, and of course the GST. The same GST of course that would have to be paid by the applicant on some if not all the things that are covered. ???

I have tried finding a project in this section underway to actually stop the spills into the Ottawa River from happening again. I have not found it yet, but surely there must be one. As of 3:15 this afternoon a call to City Hall for this information has not been returned. I will keep digging, carefully and with nose plugged.


May 12, 2009, 7:23 PM - Posted by | All News

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  1. This is happening everywhere here in the States. “Crap” is litterally flowing into our rivers and lakes and nothing seems to be done about it….maybe because the painful and confusing beuracracy involved in TRYING to do something about it is worse than wading through the crap…LITTERALLY! We can spend billions of dollars to bail out criminals in the corporate world so they can afford their $1,000,000 bonuses (ah, my tax dollars at work) and we can put a man on the moon but we can’t come up with the resources and “know how” to keep the crap out of our water supplies? PRIORITIES PEOPLE!


    Comment by Julesb65 aka BOOGERS | May 26, 2009, 4:14 PM | Reply

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