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NEWS ALERT-Possible Victoria Stafford sighting-

The search for missing eight year-old Victoria Stafford has moved out of Woodstock and out of the province for that matter. OPP have been searching in a small Alberta town on the recommendation by Oxford police. Last week police searched two homes linked to Tori’s family in Cluny Alberta, about an hour northeast of Calgary. Police say they searched her uncles home John Jacqlin and grandmothers home both who live in the small town. Sightings of the girl have been reported in the town according to police.


Let’s hope this is true, will post updates when available.

Update: A member of websleuths.com has been in Cluny earlier this afternoon and reports that no obvious increase in police activity can be seen. And according to a waitress at the local eatery there are many rumors, but nothing official.

May12/2009 Press conference today had police dismissing the report of a sighting in Alberta as not credible. Tara looked remarkably composed considering it is the day after Mothers day, and still no word on Tori.
It is still a waiting game, and we all hope for a happy ending.


May 11, 2009, 1:30 PM - Posted by | All News

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  1. Even tho I live in the US., I thank you for keeping this story alive. I think of her all the time, so precious. I worry and wonder.

    Little Joshua, the little three year old, who was lost in the woods for three days, came home today from the hospital. One small victory.

    Wednesday, on Larry King Show, his guests will be Cindy and George Anthony.They have a few reruns after the initital airing. They do some reruns on his week-end programs.

    Thank you for the good work you do! Stay strong!


    Comment by Cares | May 12, 2009, 3:22 AM | Reply

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