How many more children have to be abducted before the people that are supposed to protect us AND our children actually DO it? First of all, the small to laughable punishments that get doled out to these sickos is a disgrace. And I don’t care if they have mental issues. I don’t care! That does not give them the right, to have the chance, to repeat the same gross behavior. As far as I am concerned this pervert is just as bad. Is it that he just has not been caught for something worse, or just taking longer to go from masturbation to murder?

One of the most frightening things is this map, which is a little confusing to me, but shows an alarming number of sex offenders per state. If I am reading it correctly shows there are 673,989 “registered” sex offenders in the United States(I would be scared to know the number that would include those not registered). And they are living where ever they like, it seems. And in the majority of cases living within 5-20 miles of schools, and that means children. How in the name of sanity is that allowed? What has to happen? If Nancy Grace had one of her darling children abducted and murdered would she do more to influence a change instead just cashing in on it? If the Governor of a state had a child murdered and raped would that be enough to force a more strict and permanent solution to this problem? Mr Harper, are you not a parent? What if it was one of yours? Mr Obama, if one of your children was abducted and murdered would 6 months to a year be suitable punishment? What about 10 years, is that enough?

It seems that every week there is at least one more case of a missing child, and yes not all of them involve sex offenders, just the ones that turn up dead. And nor do I think it is someone else’s problem. It is happening everywhere. The current laws and system of dealing with these offenders is not working. there is Too much repeat offending.

If you do not want stronger laws and permanent isolation of these criminals, you have never had a child abducted and murdered, and you don’t fear for the safety of children everywhere. I can guarantee you that voices against that idea never screamed in grief when hearing their baby was killed by a pervert. But those same people say they believe in Justice. Justice for who exactly? The victim? Nope, too late for that. The parents of the victim? Hardly, 10 minutes alone in a room with the guilty party would be a start for most. I am not advocating vigilantism, or any form of it. But I do think it is about time the criminals, get treated differently than the victims.

Remember Kristen French? Holly Jones? The recent discovery of the murdered Sandra Cantu in Tracy California is the most recent example of this horrific crime. This sweet innocent little girl was seen skipping and happily enjoying life one minute, and less than 2 weeks later found dead, murdered, in a suitcase floating in a farmers field. These crimes are happening all over the World and it has to stop. Now.

Please contact everyone you can think of to force an end to treating these criminals with kid gloves. They can not be cured, and remain a permanent threat to our way of life. Sex offenders present a clear and present danger to the safety and well being of our children. Please sign this petition for stronger laws. You can also join the discussion and talk about your concerns here

Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs NATO
Jan Egeland

United Nations
New York, NY 10017 USA

In Canada, your MP

We can make a difference, our children are worth it.