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No more Money to Quebec

bus21Ok enough is enough. H/T to Raphael. When is Canada going to stop pandering to the bigots and racists in Quebec? Yes I am talking about Charest and the whole province of Quebec. Enough! Just leave already! The whole Country is going through a tough time right now and they feel that we should just give them whatever they need and to hell with everyone else. Yeah well I say Fugg You. He says Quebec wants $518 MILLION dollars over the next 2 years. That is $259 MILLION dollars a year! Please someone tell me is that ON TOP of what they get in unfair transfer payments? Yeah, why did I ask. Oh and he says Quebec is entittled to it, and that it is overdue. No, what is overdue here is that Canada gives Quebec the boot.

Just so I understand correctly. How many jobs are being lost in Ontario now? And how many are threatened? Blackmail again, from the big 3 automakers. Like Holy Sh**. What happened to unity and fairness. Working hard for your money and taking the risk at your OWN peril? Quebec is NO more special than any other province in this Country. And every time the Prime Minister gives in to them reinforces their ego that they are better. It’s way past the time that the rest of us stand up and say NO. It’s bad enough their bastardized french language is being shoved down our throat, now we’ve got their grimy hands deep in our pockets! Write letters to the Pm and to the Finance Minister, we have to make a stand.

March 27, 2009, 10:27 AM - Posted by | All News

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  1. The 3 Stooges and their Coalition of Losers was a turning point in Canadian politics, in a few ways.

    With the Coalition of Loser majority support in Quebec,
    Quebecers hit their high water mark in tolerance from the ROC.
    Quebecers showed themselves as opportunists rather than the politically savvy province they were once painted as.

    ‘power and greed’ is not in vogue (think AIG),
    and neither are the attitudes of Quebec and Newfoundland.
    They want more more more….Canadians will support PMSH is he tells them to get stuffed.


    Comment by wilson | March 27, 2009, 2:19 PM | Reply

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