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Yes it is not unusual to see Lib bashing on this site, as there are so many reasons and opportunities to do so. However this time I am reminded of an old joke. “Behind every good man is a woman”. Now comparing Iggy to a woman would indeed be insulting the fairer sex, but there it is. To explain my twisted comparison to this old saying begins with the finance Minister speaking on the 30th of October. Promising new tax cuts. Then again  on January 2nd he is quoted in the star about tax cuts again. We all agree that this can only be a good thing and it is the smart thing for him to do.

This brings me to the whole point of this article. Today as I am reading through the news as I do every morning, I came across this story. Iggy, promising tax cuts. Now to be fair and accurate, he said if he was PM that’s what he would do. But I am confused. Did he mean if he was PM now? Like already? Or did he mean if he was PM since the last election? Or did he mean if he was elected now as PM? Remind you of anyone? I’m sure Iggy reads the news just as everyone else does and is well aware of the finance Ministers intention of lowering taxes.

So what could he possibly achieve by promising something that is already on the way? Does he  mean that “on top” of what the finance Minister does he will do more? Or, is he just trying to take credit for what is already happening? I tend to think it is the latter. As experience has shown us, the Libs are much more interested in stealing our money, than letting us keep more of it. And, now trying to make it look like this was his idea or taking the credit for it happening, just shows how low the Liberals are and Ignatieff is no different or better than Dion.  Oh and by the way Mr Lib leader, EI already DOES offer training programs for those on assistance. Perhaps you should have spent more time in this Country learning about it before you have the Gall to want to lead it. A new Captain but still commanding a sinking ship.


January 9, 2009, 1:29 PM - Posted by | All News

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