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the buck stops hereCanadian news is biased. We all know that. We see it every day and we hear it every day. I am sick and tired of it. When I turn on the radio or I open a newspaper I want to read the news as it happened, not as it happened with the reporters opinion along with it. When I turn on the TV I don’t want to see one side of the conflict because the reporter doesn’t feel the other side is right. The news we see in Canada is not the facts, it is a product of whoever gets the story at the time. Is that not propaganda? The facts twisted to suit a personal point of view. I see news articles in the paper talking about Steven Harper with a picture of Stephane Dion in the caption. I see news reports of a demonstration against the coalition and showing the crowd in Ottawa, but they are showing Stephane Dion talking in the pro-rally in Toronto.
It is time we held the people reporting the news to a higher level, like telling the truth. Telling us the facts so we can decide what we think about it. This forced fed leftist BS way of doing things and thinking needs to stop. It needs to stop now before Sharia law takes over here cause some wacko Islamabad promise them support in exchange for favors. And we all know how the Liberal mind works. Sue the bastards. Why not, they do whatever they can to screw us.

January 4, 2009, 2:05 AM - Posted by | All News

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