Just a little CONSerned

Common Sense & Family Matters

Layton just bought a new bull, trying to convince Canadians he is in touch with the farmers. He was so impressed with himself he called Duceppe to come over and see it. Duceppe was impressed, but inquired as to why the bulls eyes were cross-eyed. To Laytons surprise and horror, Duceppe was right and the bulls eyes were indeed cross-eyed. So he called Dion and urged him to come over and fix the problem. Dion shows up and looks at the bull, sees the eyes and walks over to a bale of straw, and takes out a piece. Dion walks back over to the bull and sticks the piece of straw up the bulls ass, and blows on it. Duceppe and Layton are amazed as the bulls eyes go back to normal. It’s a pressure imbalance says Dion, and instructs them to do the same thing if it happens again.
The very next day as Duceppe and Layton are having coffee outside, they notice the bulls problem has returned. Duceppe and Layton both take turns sticking straw up the bulls ass and blowing, put the problem persists. So, they call Dion and plead with him to return. After some convincing and promises of future rewards he comes back to the barn and looks at the bull, a piece of straw still sticking out of its ass. Dion takes the piece of straw out of the bulls ass and turns it around, and puts it back in. Both Layton and Duceppe are bewildered and confused. “why did you do that” they both asked? Dion replies “I’m not going to use the same end you guys did”. And he proceeds to blow on the straw.


January 4, 2009, 4:43 PM - Posted by | All News

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