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Dead beat Dad + the enabling Government

We have all heard the stories of fathers not paying for their children, and we have heard how the system is supposed to go after them to enforce compliance to the law. Wel, let me tell you, that is a joke. This is not second hand information or rumour, this is fact. How, because it is happening to us. To round things off a payment of $600 is supposed to be made every month for the support of 3 children. The amount in itself is a travesty, but that is another story. Since we are on Ontario Works right now they deduct to whole amount from our monthly allowance. Whether we get it or not. That’s right.

In November we only received $128 from Ontario Works because they deducted the whole amount of $600 from our cheque. But in fact we only got $400 in support. So, where does that other money go to? Why is the money not being paid on a regular basis? It is a court order that his employer is to deduct the money from his cheque, are they not doing it? Is he influencing when and how much gets deducted? These are things that FRO(family responsibility office) is supposed to be watching. But in fact, the employer has 30 days to forward the money to the FRO office, and in the mean time what is the family waiting for the money supposed to do? Not only are we not getting the support on time, but we are also not getting the money from OW because it has already been deducted.

When FRO is asked about this their response is “that is how the system works”. Well, the system needs to change. It is not working properly or helping anyone. Except perhaps anyone but the people supposed to get the money. The Ombudsman’s office has been contacted about this situation to see if something can be done, I will update with more information if anything happens. In the meantime, we are now 2 mortgage payments behind, 2 vehicles not running so no transportation, and trying to find another place to live. Merry Christmas.


December 11, 2008, 3:25 PM - Posted by | All News

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  1. Can you tell us what the figures are (received and deducted) for the past 12 or 24 months.

    Send it to me directly if you like

    Ron Payne
    Welfare Legal


    Comment by Ron Payne | December 23, 2008, 10:42 PM | Reply

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