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As we prepare to leave for the rally today on Parliament hill, a few things become very clear. My children are more aware of politics, more aware than they ever have been. They want to show their support for Canada and stop “the bad guy”. Kids have such clarity. They have also expressed their feelings on the mission in Afghanistan, saddened that our casualties there have continued to grow. Can you imagine Mr. Dion as the commander and chief of the Armed Forces? That is far more scary than his controlling the economy.

People may not understand the political process and are baffled by how this coalition is legal, and the Liberals are calling the Canadian people stupid for this. We also don’t understand how a murderer or rapist receives the lenient sentences they do. I suppose that makes us stupid too. But to quote a line “Stupid is as Stupid does”, I hope Canadians band together today in all our glorious stupidity and show support for Canada, and strengthen the effort to prevent the coalition from ever getting to power.


December 6, 2008, 10:58 AM - Posted by | All News

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