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Mr Dion, you make me sick

I am watching Mr Dion on CTV as I write this. I can see him staring intently at the screen trying to read the prompter without stumbling too much. I see him as a figure head put out to front this farce and try to persuade Canadians we were wrong in denying him the win in the last election. He says that we should be mature and “let’s get on with business”. Gee, wouldn’t that be better served by supporting the elected Prime Minister? Oh and we should only be concerned about him being PM for a few months? In case he forgot you LOST the election! You have no right, no mandate, and no business sitting as PM. None.

The fact that this deal was cooked up long ago and in no way is a result of the recent economic update proves that we can’t trust anything this man or Mr. Layton has to say. Do I have prove of this? Yes. do you really think the Bloc. Ndp, and the Liberal party started, and met, and arranged all of this in a matter of a few days? Give me a break. They can’t decide what pizza to get that fast. Allowing the Bloc to further it’s cause at the expense of our Country and spitting on taxpayers wishes is enough to cause a riot. I hope it does not come to that. I for one do not promote violence. But we will not allow Mr Dion and Mr Layton pay off the Bloc with OUR money to pass bills, laws, and policy’s we did NOT give them a mandate to do.


December 3, 2008, 8:34 PM - Posted by | All News

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