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Canada, Interrupted

I don’t know when it happened or what event transpired bring us to where we are today. It may be that we were blind or unwilling to believe that such things could happen in our Country, that it could only happen somewhere else. We would never allow such things to happen in Canada, because we are civilized, tolerant, and just. Yet it is happening, right here, right now, in the true north strong and free. I think perhaps it has been a long time that most people have said those words, or perhaps don’t remember were they came from even. Our Country, our home and native land, is being subverted and destroyed right before us. Our values, laws, and dearest beliefs are being challenged and squashed without a fight. In 2007 a young 16 yr old girl was murdered by her father because she wouldn’t wear a scarf around her head. Not that a young woman being murdered by her parents is a unique thing, it does happens and the reasons for it are varied, and horribly wrong. But this is different. Apparently it is justified. By them, and us. We did not arise in outrage that a life could be taken for such reasons. It is argued that her crime was against God and that punishment was mandatory. Any god that demands death for such actions is no god in my mind. But alas, I digress. There are many who believe that this is right, and many who say otherwise. It is not up to me to force my beliefs on another being. But it is up to me, and all of us, to decide what we will allow in our Country, and what we will not. The killing of any human being, for any reason, is a crime, Period. I’m not going to get into discussions about war or abortion, that is a whole different subject. We are dealing with the killing of people over religion. It doesn’t matter what religion it is, it is unacceptable. Across the world in history such things have happened, but not as a way of life. The hijab is a word that most of us have never heard until recent years, and to now know that is a reason to kill just makes me want to vomit. Just exactly why are we in Afghanistan again? Are we not there fighting and dying to stop exactly this sort of thing? And now it is happening right here on our communities and we do NOTHING! I believe it is time we stood up and said no, not in Canada.


November 12, 2008, 9:30 AM - Posted by | All News

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