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My son is a thief.

What a horrible thing to have to say. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to teach right from wrong, some children have to learn the hard way. About 3 weeks ago the police show up at our door looking for our 15 yr old son. Apparently he has been seen with an ipod that was stolen from his school. As things turn out he did take the item from the library (he says) and brought it to a friends house. To make a long story short he was charged with possession of stolen property. Since then twice has tried stealing lighters from my wife and I. Yes lighters, not a big deal. But it’s not the item, it’s the stealing. The act is what is the problem. We’ve punished and talked over and over. In one ear out the other. We don’t know how to get through to him. What can a parent do when talking or punishing doesn’t have an affect? At this point I don’t have an answer to that. But we’re trying.


November 5, 2008, 1:21 PM - Posted by | All News

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