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Sovereignty manifesto equals Get Lost Quebec!

Can you believe it? The province of Quebec is talking about separation. I have been fed up with this issue for a long time, and they keep throwing it in our face in between cashing the welfare checks from US. The CANADIAN taxpayer, giving THEM money to enshrine THEIR language while they defy the UN, the constitution, Human rights, and equality. Quebec is a racist, hypocritical, and delusional embarrassment. Canada needs to end this disgrace now, and sever the ties completely. And the Bloc needs to be escorted out of the house of commons and/or arrested for treason. Wake up Canada, enough is enough. On my blog I have a poll and right now, after 51 votes 82% say it’s time for Quebec to leave. Yes, I am pissed off. Can you tell? I am proud to be Canadian, and MY Canada does not include Quebec.


October 30, 2008, 11:15 AM - Posted by | All News

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