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What is love?

Love, something so elusive yet so abundant. We see it all around us everyday, in so many different forms and expressions. Animals love, or is it compassion? Is there a difference? Or is compassion a part of love? Can you have compassion without love? We can witness a killer whale nurse it’s young, or a Lioness feeding her cubs and protecting them. Is that love, or compassion? Does it matter? Is maternal instinct a product of love? Can one have a maternal extinct but not feel love, or compassion? How can you explain the murder of a child by it’s mother? In the wild, it is very difficult actually to find an example of a mother of any species killing her young for no apparent reason. The “avoid killing your own kind” mindset is very prevalent in the wild. There are cases where some mammals will actually eat their young before they are killed by a predator. But to them, it is believed to be a form of protection. So, are humans the only species that murder their own kind? No, not entirely. But, almost exclusively the only species that mothers kill their young for no reason. And no, wanting to go out to a club and practising new pole dancing routines is not a reason. Which brings me back to my question. Love, compassion, are they the same or intertwined and does everyone have it, or want it? I don’t know. I can only talk about the love in my life. My wife, and my children. My wife, the only person in this whole big world that I deemed worthy to have my babies. Her strength, wisdom, and compassion unmatched by anyone. The only person I have ever met that can fill the void that I was feeling. My babies, 2 incredible little girls that make you smile just seeing them. Their sweet voices like little angels at play that can make you grin without even noticing. Kill them? Hurt them? As god as my witness I would sacrifice my very soul to protect them, and woe unto thee that would do them harm, for I would become death’s own messenger in response. SO in answer to my own question, love and compassion, are different. But they are the same. You can have one, or the other , or both. But. If you have either of these feelings in your heart, mind, or soul. Your babies are safe, in your care.


October 28, 2008, 7:55 PM - Posted by | All News

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