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Time to move?

Every time I hear of another flood about to hit New Orleans, I wonder why there are people still living there. Every year we hear of people killed from tornadoes, living in trailers, in tornado ally. It’s like building a house at the base of a volcano and then demanding someone save your house from the lava. Now the 3rd world is demanding water. Ok everyone needs water, but stop having babies and do something about it, they have an army of people who stand around and whine and expect the world to fix all their problems. China has done something about it’s ridiculous birthrate. Survival of the fittest. If they can’t manage to provide the things they need, then obviously something needs to change. Why is it always us? I’m not talking about disasters that happen and nobody could do anything about it. I’m talking about the repeat instances that happen over and over. If there is no water there and they can’t get water there then MOVE. Oh but there are millions of people and there is no where to go! And who’s fault is that? Gee, theres no water here, we can’t feed ourselves, so let’s have more babies and create more shortages and then just demand the world fix it. Nice. If Canada were to experience a problem of our own creation we would fix it on our own. Right?


October 20, 2008, 9:19 AM - Posted by | All News

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