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David Suzuki a Fraud?

Now it seems we are the problem. Now he is not talking about CO2, or global warming, or climate change. Now it’s just us. Humans. The scourge of the planet, that somehow all the changes are our fault, we are killing everything. I wonder if he has ever heard of “the natural order of things”? If you are a religious person and we are all children of god, and we have a mandate from GOD to be who we are. If you believe in the big bang theory, then we still have every right to be here, and evolve in a way that is natural, for us. We are not invaders from Mars. But I suppose, next we will be hearing from Mr Suzuki that WE are responsible for the climate on Mars now, since he couldn’t prove it here.

There are many scientists that say the opposite of what Al Gore and Mr Suzuki have been shovelling to us. As of late many people are turning to the sky and examining the sun instead. April 22, 1970 was the first :Earth Day”. Yes they have been scaring us with Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever, for 38 years now! Way back when Fonzy was just starting to grow up we were getting the pitch to save the planet. I am not much into light readinglike this, but I am intrigued to see phrases like “highly unlikely” and “reasonable to assume” in a scientific report. In this report it also asserts that the CO2 levels in the atmosphere today are LOWER than they were in the Earth’s distant past. It is this “uncertainty” that drives my disbelief of anything tied to this topic. This report states that by the year 2100 if the “scenarios” are correct, carbon emissions will have dropped to ZERO. Enter the Global Warming Swindle. This documentary was aired on Channel 4news and received a variety of responses. Naturally, not well received by those that would have us believe we had 10 years till we all burned up. Another report of interest here in 2008 is of course, not based on CO2, but rather the sun. Imagine that.

Now let’s take a trip through space shall we, to Mars. Now I would never attempt to discredit NASA but I do believe being told over and over by the experts that Mars was a very DRY and HOT planet. Except perhaps for the Ice crystal fog during the day, just above the surface, and -130 degrees temps at night. Amazing how a little probe up there on the service could flush 50 years of scientific (fact) down the toilet. In fact it is now known that water DOES exist on Mars. And where there is water, there is, or has been, life. SO, before we all start living in treehouses and crapping in the bushes again like animals. Let’s take a good look around us, we are a product of this Planet, nothing more, and it will be here long after we are gone. Unless of course the asteroid hits in 2012, but that’s another story.

Sean McAllister is a carbon based, bi-pedal life form who loves his steak. And wants to go to Mars.


October 17, 2008, 6:06 PM - Posted by | All News

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