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Igloos in Florida?

SO lets get the science out of the way first. here, here, and here. Not a single mention of David Suzuki, Al Gore, or CO2. But this would be considered climate change, no? Perhaps the reason it is not getting any attention because it is not as sexy as “Global warming”. Freezing to death is not sexy, but the planet burning up is hot! We see all kinds of articles about the ice melting and new record lows, but then they “forget” to mention that at the end of the warm season the ice actually surpasses previous levels. Yes it is different in certain areas that is true, but nowhere on the planet is climate exactly the same. It is just common sense to most of us that the sun has a more profound effect on climate than opening too many pops on Saturday afternoon by the pool. But if there is no crisis what would they do? They might have to actually get a job. The media jumps all over a story if there is death or danger involved, but fails to provide the same bravato when proven to be WRONG. One could find a dozen articles that say 2 exactly different view points on the same subject. No warming compared to we’re burning up!. Considering the fact that Billions of our tax dollars go into feeding this industry, and it is based not on fact but the mood of the day should cause us to pay attention. Carbon tax my ass, try putting a tax on stupidity.


October 14, 2008, 10:26 AM - Posted by | All News

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