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Kris said,in October 7th, 2008 at 3:36 pm Hi everyone, Found out some interesting news today. My one pathologist friend is still on vacation but I got to talk to another one at the hospital. He gave me some info and we researched a bit together and came up with some interesting facts.

In the event that they find Caylee’s remains it can be determined beyond a shadow of a doubt wether or not she had been drugged (potency, for how long, and length of time) through any remaining tissue samples and or possibly bone marrow. There is a machine which is extremely expensive and state of the art called a “Chromatograph/Tandem mass spectrometer”, this machine can determine most all chemical poisonings, be it perscription drugs or other, through liquification of tissue samples. This process can be performed by one of two places and experts…Marc Lebeau of FBI lab in Quantico TX. , or Kevin Ballard (PHD in pharmacology, also an expert in this liquification process).

Kevin is the director of research and development National medical services of Pennsylvania. The founder of the special process in which tissue samples can be broken down and liquified for testing. And also the expert witness on a successful poinsoning conviction in the state of Florida previously. Ballard helped through his testing and statements on the stand to convict head coronor/pathologist “William Sybers” in the poisoning death of his wife. In this case the fatal drug was succinylcholine. So Florida is no stranger to where this research specialist can be located to run test..should they find Caylee.

My best advice from a lab perspective would be to officials in the event they find Caylee’s remains..would be that given the fact that we can only forsee BB making a stink of any testing being done in Quantico by the FBI lab, assuming he would make a stink saying it would only be bias to his client for the FBI to test, they should go right to Ballard in PA..as their second opinion, for Ballard is the founder of the process to liquify and to determine just what drug or poison was in any given case of murder. This machine can determine amount & longevity with accuracy if performed by an expert in that clinical background.

And Florida should definitely remember Ballard from the Sybers case because they convicted him on that testimony and machine usage.

*See people….I have input when there is truly something new to talk about…I don’t always just stray to talk about the spaghetti I’m making for dinner….lol!


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