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As anyone can tell from scrolling through my blog that not much of it is in a personal vein. I don’t like having my personal life out in public, I suppose that’s why I’d make a lousy public figure. But this is also a forum for me to get things off my chest and act as a diary of sorts even if it’s just for me to look back on and say ” oh yeah I remember that”. My life has taken a drastic turn recently almost all of it due to an old injury that is returning. I was injured at work a few years ago at work and required surgery. That in itself may not sound all that tragic, but what that involved was a huge strain on me, my wife, and my family. After I was injured I was unable to work due to pain and then the medication to control the pain. The pain kept getting worse and therefore the drugs to control it kept getting stronger, until I was in a wheelchair forced to sit in the kitchen while my wife (all alone) tried to look after our (then)3 children and one newborn daughter. All that while still working part time and looking after my needs as well. I wonder if she will ever really know how much I appreciate her, what she did, what she sacrificed, and how much I love her and admire her, for her strength and ability to handle so many things. And finally(after a year of tests)I had surgery to correct the bulge in my disc that was pressing the sciatic nerve against my spine. After the surgery I went home the very next day, pain free. I felt like a new man, almost born again for I had been in constant pain and waking up everyday in agony for as long as I could remember. Suddenly it was all gone. Though I had to endure a recovery period ahead, including not even holding my new born daughter, It was better than the pain and suffering. A week later I started feeling ill, cold sweats, hot flashes, vomiting, having a fever but be freezing cold, uncontrollable shakes. I finally ended up in the civic emergency room unable to cope anymore. I was there for 8 hours, vomiting in a bag. And seen by no one but the admitting nurse. Finally I gave up, ripped the IV line out of my arm and called my wife. Holding a brown paper towel over the IV hole in my wrist, bleeding, standing in the lobby in my housecoat and slippers, shaking, very sick, waiting for my wife to pick me up. Once home I called my family doctor and explained what was going on. They asked what the hospital had prescribed for me after the surgery. I said nothing. They were dumbfounded. For over a year I was taking very high doses of narcotic medication for pain, and since I had stopped cold turkey I was going through withdrawl, like a junkie. he told me to come down right away and within an hour I was feeling much better. Fast forward to a year ago. Another new baby girl and a new job. The pain starts returning, at first I try to ignore it and deal with it, doing my best to hide from my wife, and work. That didn’t last long. As the pain got worse again the drugs got stronger. Missing work for doctor appointments, missing work because I’m just in too much pain. the latest MRI shows I have the lower injury returning and now an upper disc has developed a bulge as well. And so begins the battle with WSIB to see if it is related. Today I can no longer work because the medication has been increased to a point that I can no longer drive safely. That’s a joke, I should have stopped driving months ago when I was on percocets, but I could handle it. Then I was on a stronger oxycontin, I could handle that, it just seemed to handle the pain. But now with the morphine and codeine contin I can’t. I almost rear ended a tanker truck. Right then and there I took myself off the road. So now I can’t work, I don’t know when I am going to have surgery, The bills have been piling up for months, the hydro might get cut off, our phone has already been cut off. On my way home from the food bank today my car blew a front tire, and I drove home on the rim because I cant afford a tow and I really have no other option. Great, thanks. Excuse me while I lose it a little bit. And I suppose it’s a daily wonder now what will happen next. The mortgage is due next week, and really at this point we don’t have many options and the kids are stressing us out and my wife and I are on a wire. If I was a praying man I’d be on my knees, but with my luck lately, someone would just kick me.


October 2, 2008, 3:54 PM - Posted by | All News


  1. I never saw this article! MY GOD!!! I can’t STAND reading/knowing about this situation for any man, ESPECIALLY a reall good wonderful one, like you.

    You ARE BLESSED in one area – the say that a man that has a good wife is RICH. And you are. BUT – that doesn’t pay for food, water, a roof over your heads, a car/insurance, medical insurance, and all the real expenses of LIFE!

    All Angel’s don’t have wings, and you sure have one flitting around your house. What a gal!!!!! We won’t stop till something is done, ok?

    I would think if all is kept quiet, swept under the rug so to speak, nothing will come of this. So – it looks like this means then exposeure ALL over the place, everywhere we can think of.

    Also, I have found when I deal with “underlings” I get no where. First of all, they don’t care, and most of all they DON’T HAVE THE POWER to THINK and ACT outside the box. Maybe make yourself such a pain in the “back”, that they will do anything to get RID of this very bad PR, and exposure you are bringing them?

    WHO is in charge of that group? I MEAN WHO IS ABOVE THAT GROUP? WHO DO THEY HAVE TO ANSWER TO? Somebody. I know you are not strong enough to do all this, nor am I, (much older than you/sick husband), but maybe some on this blog can? OR personal friends you both have, or family?


    Comment by Heart | August 20, 2009, 5:32 PM | Reply

  2. True the people on the front lines don’t have the power to make any changes, but they do have the power to make compassionate decisions. This is where the problem is, and what is missing from this case. They are trying to rid themselves of the responsibility of paying benefits. And since it is not possible to hold the negligent company responsible by suing them there is no other option other than going to court and proving the case against WSIB, and their decision.


    Comment by Beast | August 20, 2009, 6:17 PM | Reply

  3. I am sure that comes down from on high. They are trained to do that I am sure and are they fighting to keep their job?

    Wonder what their rules are? Fight for 18 months? What? Wouldn’t that be something to know.

    Have you ever been to their site and nosed around to see what else you can find out?

    Search about taking Govt. Agencies to Court? Information on that?

    I think one of your most IMPORTANT facts is that you might become paralyzed if you move wrong or do more damage.

    I want to say something … and will write privately. Now.


    Comment by Heart | August 25, 2009, 11:53 PM | Reply

  4. So sad and I am so sorry-I truly could have written your words myself-except to say it is my husband that has taken on the burden. I feel so guilty for all of the extra pressure put upon him and I have often thought about leaving him just to allow him to perhaps live a normal life without a ‘useless’ wife.

    We too have no food in the house, no savings and have been through having hydro, phone etc cut off. Unfortunately WSIB could care less about our suffering. I have often thought if WSIB was smart (they are not) that we may be able to put all of our energy and time into recovery instead of stressing about the lack of money-perhaps we would get a bit better and maybe be able to safely return to work. NO-instead they put us through hell…I feel for you. I am in exactly the same place.

    Take care,


    Comment by Jeannette Laframboise | September 19, 2009, 10:16 AM | Reply

    • I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Many things have changed since I wrote this article. We had to declare bankruptcy, we lost our house. And now our entire family of 7 cramped into a small 3 bedroom apartment. My condition has worsened since then and just yesterday my medication was increased due to the increasing pain. WSIB has ignored my doctors reports and restrictions and is trying to force me into a 4 week LMR program, which is basically a job search and return to work agenda. I am appealing this decision and right now trying to get organized for that. If you have been mistreated by WSIB please send me an email outlying what happened. I have a lot of people getting involved in this fight and may be able to help, if only to give you some contacts you may not be aware of..


      Comment by Beast | September 19, 2009, 1:09 PM | Reply

      • That is awful-they simply DO NOT CARE! It is a terrible way to treat people. Recently I was forced back to work despite my doctor stating I should not and I am failing miserably. For example- I was to start at 4 hrs a day mon-fri and last week I did 3 hrs total. The pain overwhelms me and I literally vomit. Oh how I wish I was well enough as I loved my job and miss it very much (I was/am a nurse) The reality is however-I just can’t do it no matter how hard I try.

        I saw the message from a poster there stating to contact TV stations etc and that may work-my only concern is that I have heard from all of the worker comp type forums that the government is the only one with the power to change the system and they are also aware of it and do nothing…so I don’t really know what the answer is-wish I did.


        Comment by Jeannette Laframboise | September 19, 2009, 7:15 PM | Reply

  5. Until I had a back injury myself, from a car accident, I could have NEVER IMAGINED how important our BACK/SPINE is to us.

    I know now … 😦

    Are there any news stations that do human interest stories?
    Contact them?

    Sell an article to ANY of the popular family magazines that are out there?

    Write a letter to the EDITOR?

    Ask to have a Reporter from TV stations or your paper, come see you at your house to do an article on this?

    Contact 48 hours? Contact 60 Minutes? Any others?

    Contact OPRAH?

    Bless the Beast and his children – and great wife!

    Is Montel Williams still on? HE got MS. He should be interested.


    Comment by heart | September 19, 2009, 3:47 PM | Reply

    • I agree 100% – ask a reporter from TV station to your home. They can see firsthand what is going on, then can get details and report on them.

      Others, as Jeanette, will probably come forward too.


      Comment by Capy | September 19, 2009, 6:55 PM | Reply

      • All I can say is that if anyone ever comes up with a plan to change this horrible system I will certainly participate in any way I can. Just a simple google search-you can find thousands of stories very similar. On you-tube there are many videos done by injured workers explaining their situation and most go through exactly the same thing.

        It would be great, if in my lifetime, positive changes were implemented and injured workers were treated with respect…


        Comment by Jeannette Laframboise | September 21, 2009, 9:45 AM | Reply

        • BRAVO!!!


          Comment by CeeA | September 21, 2009, 11:53 AM | Reply

  6. Jeannette I am sooo sorry about your situation too! Just horrendous. What a great career. I had to leave my career too. Pianist/singer who was getting more sick each month from all that second hand smoke. Lung damage, was kind of “grey”.

    All I know is if plan “A” isn’t working, we HAVE TO THINK OUTSIDE the BOX and try a plan “B”. Nothing to lose! No sense spinning wheels!

    Maybe if the SPOTLIGHT is PUT DIRECTLY ON THEM with THESE VERY UNFAIR SITUATIONS, maybe something might be done – somehow?

    Now I wonder if our economy is even making this even harder?

    Seems like – I AM SET UP FOR LIFE AND SO IS MY **WIFE** SO GOOD LUCK Y’ALL! THANKS FOR VOTING ME IN!! Maybe the answer is to tell our children to become ELECTED OFFICIALS and GET ON THAT PERSONAL GRAVY TRAIN.

    How can we get them out of their jobs if not sensitive to our basic needs? Are they in for LIFE? Sounds like they have a GREAT THING GOING!!! They don’t have MONEY for us, they have taken it ALL! Don’t they even continue their salary till they die? Or what … 80%? I’ll TAKE IT!!


    Comment by heart | September 19, 2009, 7:31 PM | Reply

    • WSIB, workplace safety insurance board. Nowhere does it say they are advocates for the worker, just insuring that proper safety procedures are followed. And if something does go wrong the last thing they want is to be responsible for benefit payments lasting for a long period of time.

      I did contact 60 minutes but as of yet did not get a response. Perhaps if more people come forward they will be more interested. I am confident I will win the appeal process, I am just concerned about what will happen in the mean time. Time will tell.


      Comment by Beast | September 19, 2009, 7:40 PM | Reply

  7. Was upset and had an interruption here. Sorry repetitive.
    “SEEMS LIKE – Seems like -”



    Comment by heart | September 19, 2009, 7:35 PM | Reply

  8. Outraged and Relates!!!
    Jan 25th 2012

    My heart sinks as I read your story. I too have a similar story. I injured myself at work and knew nothing about how WSIB worked. In the beginning. I did the things I thought I suppose to do, according to their expectations. Not understanding their decision making or appeals and getting myself further in a deep hole. Three days after I injured myself I was setting up an appointment for physio therapy, a doctor had advised me to do right away. After starting my physio and continuing for 7 months, I was still not at a recovered level and having problems weight bearing. My posture was bent forward and I was in constant pain. I fell Backwards at work and landed on my mid back and tailbone area. My Therapist made a suggestion that I receive an MRI to determine exactly what was going on, as the weight bearing issues could be signs of SI Joint injury. Through these 7 months WSIB was not accepting my injury and I was already going through hell, trying to keep up with the demands they were making on why I am not back to work.

    I had an MRI performed and it showed 2 bulging disks L4 and L5 but didn’t show any bone abnormalities. It also couldn’t show any soft tissue damage ( which is very hard to detect soft tissue injury) which we were trying to explore about the SI Joint. I was still in constant pain and couldn’t sleep past a 4 hour window ( which most of the time. I was lucky to cat nap on a two hour basis). ( over time,WSIB stated that my disk bulging wasn’t part of my injury, because lots of people walk around with disks bulging and never know it and they had to draw the line somewhere when it came to determine my injury) can you believe this??? I have never been treated for a back injury or complaint and have never had any indication, medically of having herniation of the disks. If I had I wouldn’t of been walking around well.This was something they were assuming and made a decision on. Laffs

    Because I have signs of degeneration disease, the injury is inoperable. Degenerate Disease is something we all will get due to aging and because of that the surgery is not guaranteed and quite risky. I went through a pain clinic where they placed me on narcotics also. Time released morphine with percacets as break through.they help me tolerate my pain better, but like you said the side effects of these drugs were just another fly in the ointment. Always feeling nauseated, dizzy and constipated, along with trying to bear down so much going to the bathroom, sometimes would put my back out badly. In the meantime, trying to adjust these meds was a joke.The very Doctor who began prescribing the narcotics, began calling me a drug addict and eventually said “I am taking you off these drugs because I am not going to be responsible for a drug addict” it took 6 months to get off the pain meds and I went through hell with my pain levels again.

    All the while I am not receiving WSIB benefits, as they still haven’t accepted my injury . I ended up using a 14 thousand dollar savings to live off of and when that ran out, I either had a choice to be homeless or ask Welfare for help. I can tell you, this experience has been terrifyingly humbling and embarrassing. Your pride is stripped from you, but you continue to tell yourself “do what you have to do, it’s survival now” People would say ” you need to find a lawyer!!” I was so scared stiff of what was happening to my life and now financial hardships, I didn’t know what to do. Out of fear I took a leap into a Lawyer Firm. whom only worked on WSIB cases. I had appeals up the ying yang and some of them, the time allotment had expired. ( These Lawyers will take WSIB Claims without retainers or any monies upfront. Their deals most of the time is worked on percentage and if they are unable to retrieve monies for you, you pay nothing) I greed to a three year contract with them at 25 percent of any monies won. This was better then what I had after depleting all the monies I had saved and now on Welfare.

    To make a long story a little shorter, I went through hell with them for 4 years, sending me to this specialist and that one, having this assessment done and that. I was getting so depressed trying to deal with meds and pain and then just pain and sleep deprived. Beating myself up each day because I could no longer accomplish daily living tasks because my pain prevented that from happening.I was also recently diagnose with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which is a condition brought on by a traumatic happening or stress in your life, and in dealing with chronic pain, this became a secondary factor of my injury.

    I am into my 5th year dealing with WSIB. I was able to recover about 90 percent of my LOE ( loss of earning ). I am in the process of paying back Welfare of the benefits I received by them prior to me winning LOE. I am like you as well, I can’t sit or stand for long periods of time I have very high restriction limits about twisting bending lifting weight higher then 5 lbs any repetitive motion is out of the question and I have to lay down many times throughout the day just to get relief from weight bearing, so my whole body can relax.Changing position often is not always enough. I sleep with stacks of pillows and I also live like a hermit, afraid to go places and get into a situation where I can’t sit down when I have to. The winter is freaky, I really fear the ice and snow.( fear of falling ) The dampness and the bitter cold affect me big time and my suffering increases. I have lost the knowledge of the joys in life we all take for granted. I can’t remember what it was like to look forward to going to bed and sleeping through the night, or how you enjoyed sleeping in. I have forgotten what it was like to be pain free. My whole life is wrapped around the pain level I am at or where it can be if I go somewhere or do too much. My mind isn’t in sync with my body and I am in constant struggle with the 2 of them. My mind says ” yeah go ahead you can do it” my body says ” your a fool and this is what ya get for over doing it” You become the child fighting with an adult. ” don’t do that or else !!” you do it despite the warning and then pay the consequences.

    To sum this all up, WSIB is on going and I really hate how you are looked upon and treated differently when you have WSIB tagged to your name. Doctors don’t believe you anymore and treat you like your faking things.You get called a drug addict by the very ones who put that poison into you in the first place. So if your a drug addict they must be the dealers!! I am still learning things through this process and none of which is desirable at all !!!. I have just started a new process of WSIB where they are putting me through another assessment for rehabilitation training to return to work. All of which is a huge joke as I will never be employable for the rest of my life. So the Nightmare continues. I don’t know what will be waiting at the end of this journey. I just pray each day for peace and the time when I don’t have this monkey of burden on my back that I might know what it is like to not have that worry anymore.


    Comment by Soul | January 25, 2012, 9:28 AM | Reply

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