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A friend of mine is having this problem and asked me what I thought, so I told him, and figured I’d share it with you. How do you tell your employer that you think you are worth more money? Not an easy thing to do. I guess you would start by listing all the reasons you might think that. So I told him you know what, Im underpaid too. I have an ACZ license. I can drive anything on the planet legally and competently. Ive operated everything from a bobcat to an articulating loader. Ive pulled 2 trailers (B-train) with my day cab. Ive pulled 53 foot trailers loaded with steel needing chains instead of straps. Ive hauled heavy equipment, vehicles, with all kinds of different trailers in to spots only made for 5 tonne trucks. I am the shit! You think I can say that to my boss? Of course not. I figure right now I’m $2-$4 underpaid. If my employer wanted to upgrade his delivery service to a 48′ city trailer and a day cab there would be no need to seek a professional driver because he ALREADY HAS ONE! During the busy season this would be a huge increase in delivery capacity, and a huge increase in profit from combining deliveries and therefore less trips. Less expenses. More profit. Not to mention the additional expenses and exams I need to take to maintain this level of license class. So that would be my argument but hardly something you could say easily to your boss, especially if it was a new employment. Something to tuck away and just do the best job you can do, and hope that you get recognized for it. Then my friend said, well how much do you make? My reply of $16 per hour raised an eyebrow, and he seemed to be surprised at that. I shrugged and said when you are picky about the jobs you want to take, you cant always get everything you want. But I looked at him and told him to never stop trying. You like what you do, do it well, and good things will come.

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Liberal Medicine – Sorry no money for miracles

Diffuse Axonal Injury

Opportunities like this do not happen very often and when they do everything should be done to capitalize on whatever knowledge can be gained. The timeline of events in this case has been lost forever and I think it is imperative that a detailed examination and scan be performed at a regularly determined time frame to gleam as much information as possible into the process taking place. What is the body doing to achieve this? What has changed, what is different?

The fact that the medical staff has done nothing to track this patients recovery is beyond my understanding. The missed opportunity to learn will never be regained.

They wanted to pull the plug! They said he was clinically brain dead and if he did regain consciousness he would be a vegetable, or infantile. About 90% of survivors with severe diffuse axonal injury remain unconscious. The 10% that regain consciousness are often severely impaired. Yet this patient is recovering and they are doing nothing to find out why, or how.

Well, he is now awake, talking, recognizes people, and he asked if he could have McDonalds. Since he has started recovering no scans have been done on his brain to see what has happened. Why it is happening. And what caused it to happen in the first place.

I have much more info on this and need to contact some medical professionals about this. Special research, anything?

What Ya’ll think?

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The Left’s New Crusade: Adult-Kid Sex

The title makes me sick. The very idea that an adult would want to have sex with a child is repugnant to me. Yet, it happens. It happens all the time all over the world, though strangely enough places “we” call barbaric, would stone to death anyone convicted of doing this. If there was even a trial. Im quite sure everyone reading this agrees with me, that no way ever will I live in a Country that condones adults having sex with children. Pedophilia is a crime in this Country. And I hope it stays that way.

But some people want to change that

ImageMatt Barber


After you read that please leave a comment and if there is interest I will write more on this.



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Cornwall. What is under the ground?

While attending the liftoff 2013 at Lamoureux Park this year a very strange thing was experienced. The ground felt like a sponge. I know it has rained a lot as of late but no way could account for that feeling. Imagine walking on a sponge that is what it felt like walking through the fair grounds. After speaking to one of the guys working a game booth he said for the past 2 days he has smelled oil. And when he rubbed his boot over the grass it turned black. I saw it. What is under the ground there and why are people trying to cover it up? I spoke online to a reporter from the Cornwall Free News and before he deleted me I was told to look into it myself. This was after he said the ground had not had a chance to soak up all the water. Joke. Obviously something is going on here and being hidden from the public. What is going on?

The reporter who runs the Cornwall Free News Facebook page said. QUOTE, “some things are better left unsaid”. Unquote

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Healthcare in Ontario

I wont get into my past health issues and WSIB problems because I don’t really think it is relevant to this, but you can search the blog for more stories. I recently (8 weeks ago) developed what I thought was a knot in my right shoulder. After vigorous shoulder rolls, exercise and massage did nothing to help and the pain kept getting worse I made an appointment to see my doctor. In the week it took before I could get into to see her the pain moved from my shoulder to my arm, elbow, wrist, and fingers. So it was apparent this was not just a simple knot. A CT scan was recommended and I got a call a few days later for a spot the following week. SO now with increasing discomfort and pain the waiting begins. During the scan I was barely able to lay flat on my back and moaned during the entire thing prompting the poor girl to ask what I did and if I was okay. I responded I had no idea what I did and most certainly I had felt better.

Two weeks later I get a call from the Doctors office and told it is some type of “bone spurs” in my neck C4, C5, C6, C7 pinching a nerve in my neck and surgery will be needed. Before that can happen an MRI is needed and now have learned that wont happen till May 15th. Who knows after that how long till the actual surgery. Is almost 3 months acceptable to get treatment for this? This is not an “elective” procedure, I”m talking about non stop pain 24/7. The kind of pain that makes you cry and rock back and forth occasionally. Not fun. And I dont think this is right.

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Chimney Fire Saturday night!

As I was minding my own business tonight playing SH4 I heard a faint roar coming from downstairs. I thought one of the kids had turned up the furnace but when I went down to investigate saw smoke coming from the wood stove pipe joint at the wall and a loud roaring of fire much different than normal. A quick check outside discovered the fire in the chimney, so I yanked off the clean out cover and started scooping out flaming soot with a piece of wood with one hand and dialing 911 with the other. Awesome response time by the Chesterville FD under 20 minutes and after a brief check signaled the all clear. I have to wonder though. Londondale was just here 2 months ago and cleaned the chimney, so how is it possible to have a fire so soon?














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Living in rural Ontario




Woke up and saw this Friday morning. According to the OPP there has been a lot of this going on south of Ottawa. Hope whomever is responsible feels better about themselves. Idiots!

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Dalton Mcguinty Resigns



Is this an admission of guilt? Not likely, but is it now the time to unleash the Mounties on all the scandals, wasted money, and lies that the people of Ontario have had to endure under this Liberal leader?

More to come

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Government vs The People

I am working on an article concerning the salaries, pensions, perks, etc, of Government employees versus the private sector. Meaning, the rest of us. While I am compiling the numbers and stats, what do you think. Why do those we elect to represent us make 3-4x and upwards a yearly salary, PLUS benefits, and pensions, when the rest of us do not have anything even close to it. Why?

And your views on the senate? Overpaid under worked payoff positions?

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Looking for help

Normally I wouldnt post this sort of thing here but we are getting a little worried. Our son came home from a relatives last week near cardinal with a rash and sores that have gotten worse over time. Now our 6 year old has a little spot that “appears” to be similar.

What the heck is this?

Diagnosis or “guesses” from M.D’s so far

Wild parsnip

Autoimmune deficiency

Pemphigus vulgaris


It is impetigo with a staph infection. Antibiotics and steroid cream has been prescribed.

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